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Is green is the color of your dreams these days?

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Well, if you have been having dreams about this commodity that all of us need, want, or desire,  here are some common interpretations that you may find helpful in the pursuit of the pieces of paper that the majority will equate with happiness and yet for some who do have lots of it, the opposite may be true.  

Isn't it ironic?

THE DREAM: Winning the lottery


This could be an indicator of good news.  Rosemary Ellen Guiley, dream work facilitator and author of "The Dreamer's Way: Using proactive dreaming to heal and transform your life" explains that such dreams of striking it rich could be hints that you are about to receive what you want in relation to your waking life.

Perhaps you have been working hard to achieve something in your life that you are expecting a monetary reward soon.  In a way, you are feeling as if you have actually struck gold and won the jackpot.  You sense that your wishes are coming true, and this kind of dream usually is linked to your ambitions, goals and career advancements.

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Even if you don't become a multi-millionaire overnight or in the future, keeping your sights on the goal such as a promotion at work with a substantial salary boost could likely be just around the corner.

THE DREAM: Finding money


Perhaps it is a realization that you have more cash hidden away than you remembered, but the dream of finding unexpected "moolah" can also be related to other things of value.  It is a possibility that you have found you have opened a new door to opportunities or you have a special ability you didn't know you have and these can lead to added excitement, joy or just an avenue to release stress.

Maybe you have recently found an antique vase in the attic that is of significant value on eBay, or you find that you have a talent that could generate extra income.  You could sell those one of a kind scarves you have created, or maybe use your linguistic prowess to tutor high school kids on weekends.  The extra cash can stretch your budget and help to clear debt or shorten your car loan repayment period.  Being able to resolve these financial activities will give you a peace of mind.

THE DREAM: Losing your Wallet


When you dream of losing your wallet, you may be thinking that you have lost everything and you are feeling powerless.

Are you in need of assistance and want to ask others to lend you money or help you in other ways?  You may feel you are losing control and financial independence you use to possess but now you don't.

This is a common dream for those experiencing turning points or turmoil in their lives. If you have been retrenched recently or had higher expenses than usual, the powerlessness and insecurity you’re feeling might be what’s behind this particular dream.

THE DREAM: Giving money away to others


Have you recently found out that you will be inheriting a  long lost uncle's money or assets? Perhaps the family business is taking off and you are feeling confident about your current financial status.  You feel that you like to share your wealth.

Whatever the reasons you may have, you are at peace with the wealth at hand.  
You may have a sense that you can gain more money even as you give some to charity.
It may also be a good time to consider investing some of your windfall based on the principle of having money to making more money.

THE DREAM: Being approached by a panhandler

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Panhandler in San Francisco, California, USA. February, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you have this dream of donating money to a beggar and reluctantly, it could be an indicator that you are stretching yourself too thin and not prudent enough by giving away your resources too generously.

As an example: Is your brother-in-law constantly asking to borrow money for his mortgage payments with no indication that he will repay you anytime soon? 

This dream also could be a sign that at the moment it is difficult to get what you need, and for you to give away anything could be tough on you. 

If money is tight for you, then the next best option is to spend only on what you absolutely need — and say no to lending money to others especially if they have proven to be unreliable about paying you back.

My next topic for discussion is, "What is Threading?"

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