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Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiece...
Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiecego oka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Makeup can be applied in 10 minutes and it is easy.  Read on to find out how.

Here are 13 simple and quick steps you can follow to put your makeup in a jiffy.  

Very suitable for working moms, single ladies and teenagers who  have just started to experiment putting on makeup.  Remember that less is more.

Step One

Apply a cold compress to eye area to reduce any puffiness.

Step Two

Apply moisturizer at least 20 minutes before applying foundation. (Refer to Tips)

Step Three

Dot on foundation and blend. Use a sponge will speed up the blending. Make sure that the foundation is blended in between the neck area and jawline.

Step Four

Pat concealer cream to blemishes or dark undereye circles using your finger tips. A little goes a long way, so use lightly.

Step Five

Use an eyebrow brush to smoothen stray hairs and check for gaps in the brows from
Photo of makeup brushes.
Photo of makeup brushes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Step Six

Use a brownish color to cover the gaps if any and lightly swipe a litter hair gel to keep them in place.

Step Seven

To apply eye shadow, choose a brush that can give you more control than a sponge applicator or Q-tip. Otherwise, your cleaned little finger can also do the job well. If you wish to darken the color, just add another layer and always blend it in.

Step Eight

I find that using a rolled out eyeliner or glimmerstick gives an even line compared to a pencil liner. If your lids tend to be oily, dust some face powder or concealer on your eyelids before drawing the line. 
The bonus point is no sharpening required.

If you are using liquid eyeliner, look for those that come in a pen rather than a bottle so that you have more control and you can get a cleaner stroke. 

Eyelash curler
Eyelash curler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Step Nine

Use an eyelash curler to curl lashes. 

Step Ten

Apply at least 2 layers of mascara will make your lashes longer and your eyes appear bigger. Make sure to comb out any lumps.

Step Eleven

Use a lipbrush to apply a thin coat of lipstick or lipgloss and a shapely lips

Step Twelve

Set your makeup by dusting a little loose powder by using a puff or fluffy brush. Don't forget to dust the neck too.

Step Thirteen

Lightly brush on some blusher on the apple of your cheek for that healthy glow.


  • Allow 20 minutes for  the moisturizer to set will prevent the foundation from seeping into your skin and slide off.
  • Have a pair of tiny scissors to snip stray brow hairs if needed.
  • Try mixing your dry eye shadow with a little water to make it last longer.
  • To correct eyeliner missteps, use a Q-tip coated with a little concealer to erase the lines without making a smudge.
  • You can skip the eyeshadow and the blusher if you are really rushed for time. These can be applied when you reach the office or during your break.

I never leave the house without applying my sunblock, concealer, eyeliner and lipstick. Taking pride in how you look will give you the confidence and a positive attitude and energy.  

My next topic for discussion is, "How to apply makeup in 15 minutes."

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I leave you with this burning question:-

"Do you think that applying makeup in public is a Do or a Don't? 

Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post, 

"Here's To Your Health!"

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