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Fingernails, about 2mm long  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Your fingernails can tell on you.  Like it or not, people will form an opinion when they look at the condition of your nails. 

When you see someone with poorly kept fingernails and toenails, your impression of that person may not be favorable.  You may not want to judge but others will.  It is a matter of adopting a personal hygiene and grooming.  It does not hurt to giving a good first impression.

Here are the five faux pas of fingernails you should know.

Fake Fingernails

Nail art
Nail art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Unless you are a nail bitter or born without any fingernails,  there is absolutely no reason for anyone to glue on fake fingernails. It is simply not practical as you cannot do most things that you would normally do like type on a keyboard, pick things up, wear your skinny jeans, etc.

If truth be told, fake fingernails disable your real fingers from functioning as it should.  However, if you really must wear it, keep the fake nails short and rounded.

Nail Art

If you are a lover of nail art, you may vehemently disagree with this. 

I would consider painting a delicate flower or design on your big toe is tasteful but to decorate all ten digits of your hand would be overdoing it.  

Not only that, some even add objects such as butterflies, bling-bling, rosettes, ribbons and the like on top of their nails!  Well, this is only one woman's opinion.  Don't let me stop you if you love it and no prejudice is intended towards the nail art community, sole owners or company, living or dead.

Art is very subjective and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Picture credit:

Nail polish with some glitter added to it looks classy and glamorous but glued on cubic zirconia??? Hmm.....

I wonder. how do they sleep at night, manage in the toilet or wash their face in the mornings?

But, to satisfy the nail art fans, here is a link to view all the nail art.  For the nail art enthusiasts

French Manicures

Again, for those who absolutely swear by French manicures which they consider as a classic style, editors of a major beauty magazine have stated and quite firmly that the status of French manicures have fallen. The same also applies to French pedicures.

Fingernails of different lengths

Some people leave their thumb nails or little fingernails longer than the rest of the nails.  Definitely, not a classy look to carry.  Moreover, extremely long nails are generally unpopular and  is just tacky.

Aim for short, same length and rounded nails.

Unkept and dirty nails

If you like to paint your nails, you have to make it a point to remove the color once it starts to chip.  Chipped nail polish means you are too lazy to bother about proper nail care.  Opt for clear polish instead.

Pink nail polish.
Pink nail polish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are prone to biting your nails, try to stop this habit by going for a manicure.  When you spend money on your nails, you might hesitate to chew them.  Moreover, nail polish consists of  synthetic ingredients that you would not want to ingest.

Take pride in your nails by keeping them clean.  

Dirt under your nails are unsightly and can harbor bacteria that if it comes in contact with your eyes, face or, open cuts on your skin , it may cause infections, pimples or rashes.

  • Keep nails short and rounded. 
  • Jazz it up with bright nail colors.
  • Vamp it a notch with dark colors. 
  • Get a  manicure from time to time.
  • Keep it simple with clear polish or
  • Keep it bare and moisturized.
A famous quote from Helena Rubenstein,

"There are no UGLY women, only LAZY ones".

Another similar quote from Coco Chanel,

"There are no UGLY women in this world, just LAZY ones".

If you agree or disagree, you are welcome to drop me a line.

My next topic for discussion is, "Healthy Tips For Travellers.

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In the land of the free,
Seldom do you see.
Classy women, not many.
Classy men, so rarely.

Grooming is what they do.
Hygiene is important too.
So don't be so lazy
Are you still hazy?

Get in a tub.
Have a good scrub,
Please take some pride,
Follow the guide.

First impression counts,
Don't let the others pounce.
Be ready for the showtime
And just have a good time.

Copyright Philo Yan October 8, 2012

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