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Do you have naturally curly hair? Do you suffer from frizzy days and lots of bad haircuts?

Probably you have tried to straightened your hair with a flat iron or you may have cut your hair short and moments later realized that it was a mistake.

Here lies a few tricks that you can do to have a great natural curly hairstyle.  Discover the ways you can wear your hair short, have a few bangs and the good news is, you don't have to have it done by a curly hair expert.  

Secret No. 1

It's all in the cut. A lot of layering and thinning is required at the top for short hairstyles.  for long, the layering is gradually thinned at the ends allowing the curls to fall naturally and softening the  face.

Clue in choosing a Good Stylist

Beauty experts will advise women with curly hair to find a stylist who is an expert in cutting curly hair.  

Secret No. 2

If the stylist has naturally curly hair, she is going to have that extra edge over a straight-hair stylist how to cut curly hair.  Well, the answer is a Yes and a No.

Yes if her clients consists of women with well cut curly hair. No, if she is not skillful enough in her cut.  Remember that she has to have her own hair cut by another hairstylist.  You need to find that person instead.

Secret No. 3

According to NYC stylist and author, Eva Scrivo, "A good stylist is going to be adept at cutting all textures and hair types.  The best way to find a good stylist is to approach someone whose hair you admire and is simlar in texture to yours," says Scrivo.

The Long and the Short

Curly hair has the tendency to behave better if it is longer.  But if it is too long, it will weigh down the curls and result in less body or bounce.

Go short?

Actress, Kerri Russell chopped off her famous long, curly locks and the public was outraged.  As it turns out, Russell was unfortunately a victim of a really, really bad haircut.  Check out the before and after pictures and you'll get what I mean.

Kerri Russell  Gorgeous curls Photocredit: Getty Images

 Disastrous cut!  Photocredit: Getty Images

When you get the right cut, curly hair can look amazing short.  The trick is lots of layering and thinning out the hair so that it does not end up looking like a huge candy floss.

If you are flamboyant and want to dazzle,  go for the short and wild curly hair like these celebs:

Short Curly Big Hair Janet Dacal Photocredit: Astrid Stawiarz//Getty

Short, Curly Big Hair Jean Louisa Kelly 
Photocredit Alberto E. Rodriguez//Getty

If you want to go really short, you can.

Super short curls. Carmen Consoli 
Photocredit: Vittoria Zunino Celotto/Getty

Supershort Black Curls Taraji P Henson 
Photocredit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty


Women with super curly hair can't wear bangs.  If you must have short curly bangs,  to avoid looking outdated, get your hairstylist to cut in a few face-framing tendrils.

Never, ever straighten your bangs leaving the rest of your hair curly.  Hairstylist. Eva Scrivo coined the word, "The Mall Bang."  It is the wrong look,  at every level.

Curls and Layers

Curls and layers are like 2 peas in a pod. One can never go without the other.  Stylist Nick Arrojo says that you should have long layers that are cut in such a way that it allows your curls to move.  "You want the curls to be full of spring and life," he says.

One of the important factors to a good cut is how skillful the stylist can shape your curly hair with a razor or scissors.  They usually cut curly hair when it's dry and they adopt  specific techniques in order to shape curly hair, says Scrivo.

Scrivo writes in her book, 

"Probably the most common mistake that stylists make with curly hair is pulling on each section too much and stretching it out during the cut, only to find that the shape looks very different from what was intended when the curls bounce back.  The 'secret' to creating  beautiful and accurate curls is to cut the hair with very little tension.  Any experience and skilled stylist will know this."

So, if you feel that your stylist is pulling too much on your hair, just ask them to please pull less on the curls.  If you have a curly hairstyle, make sure that you let it air dry and inform your stylist to keep the layes on top of the head longer.  The reason is that curly hair dries tighter than it would if you blow dry it daily using a diffuser or drying it straight.

Cuts using a razor

Haircuts using a razor can be scary.  There is something about the sound that makes you cringe.  Yet Scrivo is convinced that in the hands of an expert, a razor could  give you "the best haircut of your life."  The razor turns out to be brilliant at reducing heaviness in curly hair.

Styling curly hair

When you have the right cut, styling curly hair can be a breeze.  Use a diffuser to dry your hair, however, the best way is still to air dry.  Just cup and squeeze curls in the palm of your hand every 15 minutes until hair is completely dried. All you need is to add moisturizing hair creams or gels. 

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