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Honey : Beautiful combs, honey, spoon and sunflower isolated on white

What do we really know about honey?  Well, I know that honey is a quick remedy for curing a sore throat.

Mix it with water, a squeeze of lemon and ice to enjoy a refreshing thirst quenching beverage on a hot afternoon.  That is about it.  To find out more, read on.........

The Top Eleven Honey Facts and Myths

1. Fact: Honey is sweeter than table sugar. 
So use less of it. Such as in drinks and as spreads on food like bread, buns, pastries. 

Honey Nutrition Facts

2. Myth: Honey is best taken when mixed in hot water. 
Pouring hot water to honeywould not only reduce its aroma and flavour, but also destroys the natural enzymes present in it. 

Honey Storage Tips

3. Myth: Honey should not be scooped using a metal spoon. 
While Honey is acidic, scooping it with a metal spoon is such a quick action that corrosion of the metal is unlikely. If in doubt, use a wooden or porcelain spoon.

4. Myth: Honey never spoils, even when it’s stored opened. 
Honey absorbs moisture from the air when left opened, and this leads to fermentation. Keep the lid tightly sealed and in a cool place.

5. Myth: Honey comes in cream, liquid and powder form. 
Honey comes in cream and liquid form, but not in  powder form. 

Who Says Cactus Honey Powder is Honey!

Honey : In the center of frame - the cocoon of the future mistress of colony of bees. Brown circles - it covers hundreds, which contain the larvae of the future of bees. Insects take care of larvae. 

6. Fact: Honey’s quality is not affected by crystallization. 
Crystallization does not affect the nutritional value and quality of honey. Crystallization can occur when honey is kept refrigerated.

7. Fact: Honey is healthier than artificial sugar. 
Artificial sugars can cause harm to our bodies.

8. Fact: Honey contains no cholesterol. 
Honey is cholesterol free. (This is good news for people with high cholesterol and a sweet tooth)

9. Myth: Honey contains a tiny amount of fat. 
Honey has zero fat.

10. Fact: Honey helps burn fats when we sleep.
According to the Hibernation Diet , honey acts as a fuel to burn body fats while we are asleep.

Honey : Honey

11. Fact: Honey is a natural preservative. 

Honey looks like liquid.  However it has a very low water content.  That is why it can prevent water preferring bacteria from growing. Some scientific research indicates that honey creates a viscous barrier against bacteria and infection. It creates a sticky barrier between itself and other ingredients in a product.  The barrier acts as a trap and it prevents bacteria from contaminating the ingredients which could easily spoil when exposed to air and water based bacteria.

Everyone knows that lemons are yellow fruits.   The juices from lemons are acidic. However, the amazing fact is that once the juices are consumed, it leaves an alkaline residue in our bodies!  "DO YOU KNOW YOUR LEMONS?" To find out more, read about it in my next post.

My Art Corner


This is a "Cherub."  In the Bible, a Cherub or Cherubim is an angel that worships God.  It looks similar to a Cupid but they are not the same as they play totally different roles.  A Cupid is usually depicted carrying a bow and arrow.

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  1. A friend was kind enough to email me an article about using honey sprinkled with cinnamon powder to make a delicious jam of sort on a piece of bread for breakfast. It is tasty and healthy. Give it a try.


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