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As promised in my previous post, here are the preparation steps to make the pure natural juices.  

My hubby and I have been taking it since mid-March 2012.  Take a look at my hubby's two blood test results in my post entitled, "Do you have high cholesterol?". It has proven to us that the juices can help to lower the bad cholesterol level. 

By protecting our arteries from clogging up, we prevent heart diseases from developing.  Generally, when a person develops a heart disease, their kidney and liver will also be weakened.  These organs are vital for our health and survival. The increasing number of heart diseases and diabetes cases indicate that the lifestyle we lead are doing harm to our bodies. So it is up to us to make the choice to be healthy and the sooner the better.

For Unclogging Your Heart Vein

1 cup Lemon Juice
1 cup Ginger Juice
1 cup Garlic Juice
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix all the above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or until the solution reduces to 3 cups of liquid.

Remove solution to cool.  Then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store in a glass jar.

Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast.  Your clogged veins will open in most cases.

Step One Peel  about 250 gms of Garlic to make one cup of juice.  To refine, sieve juice with a piece of muslin cloth.

Peel about 250 gms of Ginger with a metal spoon to make one cup of juice

Squeeze 2 medium sized lemons to make one cup of juice

Add  One bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix the Garlic, Ginger , lemon juices with the  Apple Cider Vinegar and cook  for 1 hour or until  the liquid is reduced to  three cups
After mixture has cooled, mix in three cups of honey

Pure Natural Juices

The garlic sediment will separate from the honey when refrigerated. Stir the mixture before taking.

The garlic and ginger pulp can be used for cooking.  Keep refrigerated in glass jars.

Did you know that honey is nature's preservative?  This natural food from the bees is my next topic for discussion entitled, "Honey, The Facts and Myths."

My Art Corner


This drawing took me only two hours to complete.  Hope you like it.

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your experiences in relation to today's topic.

Until my next post, "Here's to your health!"


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  1. Philo, can this juice be taken at night after dinner before going to bed instead taking it in the morning?

  2. Hi Rena,

    It is best taken in the morning before meals. That's the time for optimum absorption into your blood stream.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Punitha.

      It does contain honey. So, I suggest that it is best to consult a doctor if the person is a diabetic patient.

      Thank you for reading.

  4. when you say cook, do you mean by cooking like food is cooked? cz I want to try this and if I hadn't read it would just have used the blander machine and drank it? please help

    1. Yes, simmer on lower heat for about 1 hour or until the liquid is reduced to about 3 cups.
      If taken raw, it would be very strong and pungent due to the garlic and apple cider.
      Cooking it helps to preserve the ingredients and keeps longer.

  5. Cooking food in oil is very unhealthy. I wonder why some people eat so much oily and spicy food. My preference is half boiled green vegetables with salt and little bit of turmeric.

    Lucas Moore

    1. Thank you for commenting. No oil is used for the above preparation.


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