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English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara...
English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara facial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I started getting facials after I began working. More so because I had an acne condition. Coupled with a sensitive and combination skin, it was tricky to find the right product to suit, I would say, my complicated skin. Some of you may have had the same experience.

How often should you get a facial? Well, it all depends on several factors:-
  • Skin Type
  • Skin condition
  • Skin care goals
  • Your budget
  • Age
  • Where you live

If you want to take good care of your skin, it is ideal to get a professional facial once a month. The reason is that our skin is a living organ and it takes about 30 days for the cells to move up from the dermis to the surface, or epidermis. They flatten out, die and slough off.  So, by visiting a beauty salon for a facial will stimulate the exfoliation process, keep the skin more toned and youthful. Try to have a professional facial at least four times a year.

Skin types and how often should you do a facial

If you are blessed with a normal skin, a once-a-month facial will do just fine.

If you have dry skin, a once -a-month facial with hydrating mask.

If you have combination skin, a once-a-month facial with both hydrating and  soothing masks.

If you have oily, acne-prone skin with breakouts, blackheads and clogged pores, you should get a facial every two weeks until it is cleared up and calmed down. Once your skin shows improvement, you may space out your facial sessions.

It is important to maintain a daily skin care routine to keep your skin clean and clear until your next facial appointment. If you are undergoing treatments such as peels, light therapy, or microdermabrasion, try to stay out of the sun or use a sunblock to protect your skin during the rejuvenating period.

Other factors

Have a skin care goal

To have the best possible skin that will last you a lifetime, look for a great esthetician early in life, find a good skin care regime and follow it. Most women do not put high priority on personal appearance when they are bogged down with housework, children or careers.

Why is age a factor?

Young people usually get less facials because their skin naturally generate new cell growth faster unless they have oily skin and breakouts.  Being young, the biggest priority is to be on a good skin care routine early to keep the skin clear of blackheads, and have an effective strategy to deal with breakouts.

As you get older, you might go more frequently and spend on special treatments such as Meso Dermal Roller, light therapy, peels, whitening or laser microdermabrasion.

Your budget

These are some of the price range that you can expect to pay. 

A normal facial may cost between RM100 to RM150.

A facial with treatment or two masks may cost between RM160 to RM280.

A facial with special treatment using laser, IPL or frequency equipments, two masks and a shoulder massage may set you back RM280 to RM380. The price range may be wider depending on the product and country of origin. 

Usually, salons will ask you to sign up for 5 or 10 sessions which will be lower on the average.

Depending on your budget,  try to include at least a facial once every three months and invest in quality products.

Where you reside

Staying in the city will guarantee exposing your skin to more pollution and make it dirtier. If you tend to get blackheads, you may need to be more rigorous about your once-a-month schedule instead of waiting for six weeks to go for your next facial.

Can you have one too many facials?

The answer is a definite Yes!  You only need to do more facials if you have an oily skin that needs clearing up or you are doing a series such as light therapy which requires you to visit the salon every week or two. Otherwise once a month will suffice.  

Other than the above conditions, when you have too many facials, you can actually sensitize your skin.

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