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English: Matcha Tea or green tea powder
Matcha Tea or green tea powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From the various studies and research done by the east as well as the west, we  know that drinking Green Tea is beneficial to our bodies.  Besides drinking it, have you ever thought of using the Green Tea leaves or powder as a beauty remedy?  

To find out more, read on......

Here are 7 tips on how to get extra mileage after drinking a cup or two of Green Tea.

As a toothpaste

After steeping the Green Tea with hot water, put aside a little of the tea before sitting down to enjoy the rest of it.  Mix the liquid with baking soda instead of water into a paste   You have just created a homemade toothpaste that has a little breath freshening flavor!  

As a mouthwash

Use the Green Tea liquid as a mouthwash as it has anti-bacterial properties instead of the regular mouthwash which may contain alcohol.

As a cooling compress

    Green tea
    Green tea (Photo credit: Dano)
If you have sensitive or irritated skin, take a used Green Tea bag which has cooled and make a compress to help reduce the redness. It can also be used on cuts, scrapes, burns and puffy eyes, too.

As a flavoring

Green Tea powder can be purchased from health food stores  or online. Add to your favorite smoothie, or homemade green tea ice cream.

  • Green tea (matcha) ice-cream with red bean.
Green tea (matcha) ice-cream with red bean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A tray with a prepared bowl of matcha...
A tray with a prepared bowl of matcha (Japanese powdered green tea) at left, and a plate with a wagashi (Japanese confection) at right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a homemade face mask

  • Green Tea powder can be used as a mask and it acts as amoiturizing mask for dry skin. Just mash up half a banana, add one tbsp of honey, one tbsp plain yogurt and one tsp green tea powder.

As a treatment for acne

English: Skin irritation due to benzoyl peroxide
Skin irritation due to benzoyl peroxide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Medical studies found that Green Tea is equally effective in treating acne as benzoyl peroxide but without causing dryness, itchiness or irritation of the skin which can result from using benzoyl peroxide.

By applying a Green Tea cream directly to the infected area can actually reduce inflammation and provide a variety of benefits as an antioxidant.  To make the treatment even more effective, drink one to two cups of Green Tea daily or take a Green Tea supplement. You can find Green Tea, supplements and creams online, health food store or your local grocery.

As a Toner

Green Tea can also aid in slowing down the signs of aging. It is believed to be effective in protecting the skin from the sun. You can make the toner simply by:

1. Brewing the Green Tea and freeze it into ice cubes.  
2. Once it is frozen, remove and wrap a towel over it
3. Rub the cube gently in circular motion on your face until it melts away.  Do not rinse.  
4. Pat dry.
5. Apply some moisturizer and your usual sunblock.

My next topic for discussion is, "How often should you get a facial?"

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  1. Green tea is my favourite one.But i don't know Green tea is one of the beauty tips. After I read this blog. I feel happy.I will follow this beauty tips. thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty tips. I run a beauty parlor and it will be very useful for me. Thanks

  3. Home made tips are very natural and will have rare side effects. It is better than cosmetics which contains harmful chemicals. Thanks for the tips.


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