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Sometimes I stay awake like a night owl until way past 2 am. I will wake up the next morning and morped into a stumbling sleepy panda. 

Why a panda? You may ask.  Well, pandas have dark circles around their eyes....get the picture?  However, just you know, a raccoon look is when you sleep without removing your eyeliner and mascara. If the next time you decide to sleep with your makeup on, (which I don't recommend) you can avoid morphing into a raccoon if your eyeliner is waterproof. I am just saying......

Well, it can be nerve wrecking if you are going to walk up the altar in the next five hours or you want to impress a potential client or if you are single, planning for a night out with that special someone.  Dark circles can make a dent in your self confidence, doesn't it?  There may not be a pill to magically erase the dark circles but there are ways to lighten them.

Four Reasons Why You have Undereye Circles

1. You are born with it.

Genetics play a role in dark circles. If more than one family member has dark circles, it is more likely that your dark circles are hereditary.  
2. Hyper pigmentation

Women who have darker skin tones such as African, East Indian or Latin descent tend to have hyper pigmented undereye circles due to excessive melanin on the eye area.

3. Bluish Veins

The skin around our eyes will thin out as we age.  This will cause the veins underneath to show.  This condition is more prominent in women with lighter skin.

When your blood circulation is sluggish, your body will tend to retain water. Therefore, undereye circles will be puffy or baggy. If large eye bags do not recede over time it could mean that the condition is hereditary.

To find out the cause of your dark circles, press your thumb on the shadows. 

  •  If the shadows momentarily lighten, then the cause is poor circulation.
  • If  the shadows remain the same, the cause is hyperpigmentation.

Is there any treatment for Undereye Circles?

Hyper pigmentation can be treated with lasers in a doctor's office.  However, experts warns that lasers do not always work well on darker skin.  The laser may trigger melanocytes to produce more pigments.  

Common topical solutions are made with kojic acid and creams with hydroquinone. Both these ingredients will brighten hyper pigmentation skin.

To reduce puffiness or eye bags, sleep on your back with your head propped up.  You can also use black tea bags to treat the puffiness. After steeping the tea bags, chill in the fridge first.  Then place the chilled bags over the eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the cold feeling subsides.

If the eye bags do not recede, consult a doctor for treatment options.


Camouflage dark undereye circles by using eye creams that contain mica or other light diffusing particles.  If the circles are very dark, you may want to use a creamy concealer.

To apply concealer

  • Apply a thin layer of eye gel.
  • Dot concealer over the dark circles or blue veins.
  • Tap, never rub, concealer into the area surrounding the eye.
  • BB cream can also give excellent coverage as a concealer and also doubles as a sunblock(To find out more, read: Tips How to Use BB Cream)


Eat foods that are high in Vitamin C, E and K as these vitamins have essential nutrients to lighten pigmentation and boost collagen for thinning skin.

Facial Massage

You can do your own facial massage every morning after cleansing.  Putting pressure and massaging the meridian points of the face boost blood circulation and help firm up your facial muscles. With regular facial massage, your skin tone will improve.

Almond Oil

Smooth on a layer of almond oil around the dark circles when you sleep.  Almond oil acts  as a moisturizer as well as rich in Vitamin E.

My next topic for discussion is, "Top Ten Vitamin E Natural Foods."

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