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Superficial muscles and structures of the huma...
Superficial muscles and structures of the human face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever experienced this scenario? 

You wake up as usual, go to the bath
room, look in the mirror and noticed that one eye is smaller than the other? Or that the skin around your jawline looked saggy? Or you suddenly find that you have not one but two chins?

My masseur is a very friendly lady who is always eager to share with me the latest massage techniques she has acquired from books and classes that she has taken to keep herself abreast with the different types of massages. One of the massage techniques  that I find very beneficial was the face, neck and head massages using pressure on the meridian points.

I would tend to tense up my jaw, mouth and neck when I sit too long doing online research for my blog or hunched over the table, engrossed in creating my drawings. The eye area was especially tender due to staring at the computer for hours and my head felt heavy.

Recently, I have been doing these massages every morning after washing my face. The results were quite immediate. My face felt firmer and my skin tone has marked improvement because of better blood circulation. The tight muscles around my mouth, jaw and neck area has also loosened up. My neck also seemed to look longer.  My eyes now looked brighter and the heavy feeling on my head has disappeared.

It is easy to do and you only need to spend about 5 minutes every day. If fact, you can do it anytime of the day. 

How to do Acupressure Facial Exercises

Combine these facial exercises with your skin care products or after cleansing, you can use a drop of coconut or olive oil for the massage.

1.By using the balls of the fingertips and also the palms of the hands, you will apply pressure to key acupressure points on the face. 

2.Firmly but gently press. Initially, you may feel a slight discomfort or a dull pain. Some of the points that you touch are going to be tender and sensitive. If you do, it means that you are hitting the exact points correctly.  

3.Continue massaging in small circular movements until the discomfort or pain subsides. 

Your face will feel relaxed once the muscles softened.

What are the benefits of facial acupressure exercise?

Daily facial exercise and massage will result in 
  • Improved complexion
  • Even skintone
  • Reduce stress lines. 
  • Facial muscles will relax, and the overall vitality in your skin will improve, reducing signs of aging. 
  • Promotes blood flow which nourishes the skin and underlying structures.
  • Strengthen muscles.

Did you know that in China, it is believed that a wrinkle is actually caused by stagnant "Chi"? The word means life force energy. The first facial exercise is created to naturally eliminate crows feet and tone the entire eye area.

Here are four facial and one head exercise steps.

Facial Exercise to tone the Eyes area

acupressure face lift exercises
1.Begin by placing both middle fingers on your brows. Simultaneously move your fingers in a circular motion(refer to the picture on your left). To avoid stretching the skin, use some natural moisturizer or organic massage oil. 

2. Remember to use slight pressure as you circle around each eye area. When you reach under your eye press for about 3 seconds on the top of your cheekbones.  Continue to the inside corners of your eyes. Repeat the steps 30 times which completes the set. Do this exercise once a day.

Facial Exercise to revitalize the Eyes

face exercises
1. First apply pressure on both the two points located at the outer corner of both eyes. Then stimulate the second points which are located below the lower eyelid(refer to the picture on your left)

2.Press each of the points and knead slowly with small circular movements for around 3 seconds, then release. 

3.Repeat for thirty counts or 1-2 minutes.

This facial exercise is designed to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. For best results, do the steps 3 times a day.

Washing Face Exercise

This technique is credited to Yen Wei Choog, an acupuncturist in Northern California. It is design to tone, stimulate your face, and clear your complexion while also preventing wrinkles.
1. Wash and dry your hands. Then place your palms together and rub briskly back and forth. The motion is to charge your palms with Chi energy. The optimum number of times you should rub your palms together is thirty-six back and forth movements. You will feel warmth in your palms as Chi energy forms.
2. Place both of your energized hands on your face with your little fingers along side your nose. In a circular motion, move your hands upward. As you move your hands upward your finger tips will cross your forehead. Then move downward and your thumbs actually pass over your ears.

Again, beginning at the chin, move along side the nose, over the eyes to the forehead, along the hairline, over the ears, and then return to the chin again. Lightly do this sweeping upward and downward circular motion thirty-six times or 1-2 minutes a day.
Incorporate this technique into your daily skin care procedure and the Chi energy will harmonize in your face protecting your skin from the effects of aging. Add any form of natural anti-aging skin care  with these Chinese acupressure techniques for the face for even better results.

Full Pressure Point Facial Exercise

acupressure face chart
Twice a week, add a full pressure point acupressure facial to your routine. Follow this map of acupressure points at the left noting the points on the face. This effective exercise creates a natural facelift alternative. Again, use the balls of the fingertips and apply pressure. Note that there only three points, on the forehead, upper lip and lower lip that are single points.
Everybody has a unique facial signature of muscle development, which are formed by the way that the features are animated and interact to produce facial expressions. Your facial signature plays a major role in how your face looks and the way it ages.

The secret to staying young, soft and sexy is to maintain and develop your facial signature. However,  there are many factors in life that erode the stay-young potential in your facial signature. These can take their toll by dulling your natural attractiveness and making you look older than you really are.

Head Massage

1. Use the tips of your fingers and thumbs including the nails.

2. Press and rub your scalp from the midline to the sides, and then from the front to the back of your head.

This massage technique relieves and prevents headaches. It will be even more relaxing and enjoyable when done by someone else.

Acupressure-More than Just a Natural Facelift

Cosmetic surgery costs is expensive and also has some risks. It is believed that the use of Electro stimulation devices do not invite Chi into the face nor do they address the muscle's needs to actually revitalize and restore your youthful facial signature. 

The benefits of these acupressure facelift techniques keep your facial skin slows down the ageing process each day. With regular practice, you will gradually see a difference as your skin becomes smoother and more radiant. Usually, you will notice improvement in your face complexion and firmness in one month's time.
Jowls, Turkey Neck, Baggy Eyes and also premature wrinkles are caused by repetitive patterns. Some facial muscles become over-exercised or pull on the face. So it is important to stimulate the right facial muscles. 

By adopting the Chinese regenerating face exercises help the muscles to remember your vital facial signature. Not only that it can also do the following:

1. Enhance local blood flow.
2. Reliever common problems such as 
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Nervous Tension
  • Sore Eyes
  • Sinus Problems
  • Nasal Congestion

My next topic for discussion is, "Why do we get wrinkles?".


Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog. I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your experiences in relation to today's topic.

Until my next post, "Here's to your health!".

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