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I am sure you have heard of this saying-"When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade."    

When life gives you lemons
When life gives you lemons (Photo credit: mikoosij)
Life can sometimes be viewed as cruel    but, pause for a moment to reflect. Life is what you make of it. So, by turning something negative into something positive is the distinction we must strive to achieve everyday and you will find the pot of happiness waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. Is that possible??, the pessimistic you will question. The optimistic you will answer, "Of course, it's possible! You just have to work on it."

The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have personally gone through a few tough times in the past but when I do, I am always hopeful. By being hopeful, I focus my energy on moving forward and not look back. 

In doing so, the mind will be open to opportunities and seizing it when it comes to you will make all the difference between being a loser and and winner. 

Chip at it like a miner and you will eventually find the gold. The movie Shawshank Redemption is the epitome of hope, determination and great reward. Watch it and I hope you'll be inspired as I was. It would take many years for some of us but if we do not stop and do it consistently we will eventually reach our destination.

Here are 5 more tips how you can hack at life and not be hacked by life.

1. Be A Forward Thinker and Doors Will Open

forward thinker
forward thinker (Photo credit: greenkozi)
When we think irrationally, we are laying the foundation for a lot of unhappiness and helplessness. For example, getting upset over why your spouse always leave the toilet seat up, children leaving clothes on the floor, squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle. Trying to change their ways will hit a brick wall because nobody will change merely because you tell them to do so, unless of course, if they decide that they want to.

The less you judge, the more you will feel empowered and optimistic.

2.  So why not change yourself and not others? 

You are in control of your mind which controls your emotions. If you try to change others, you will tend to be aggressive rather than assertive. Being bossy and insensitive will limit your ability to be accepting of others, flaws and all. On the other hand, to accept people as they are does not give them a 'carte blanche' to say or do whatever they want-that is why we have to set boundaries on how much we let them into our inner circle. 

Negative people tend to focus on changing others rather than themselves. They are more likely to be unhappy with their lives.

3. Accept and you will find peace

Some people may lament, "Life is not fair!", "Life is cruel and unkind!" Stop expecting and start accepting to spare yourself  countless pain. Life gets tedious with that kind of entitled mentality. Life is sometime compared to Swiss Cheese with all its holes.  It's not like the smooth and predictable cream cheese. The holes are the challenges that make us stronger and develop strength of character. If we open our arms and embrace the holes in our lives, we allows ourselves to grow wiser through them. And we become healthier in mind and spirit. Try to be fair in life and accept the rest by working around it.

4. Smile from within

Be grateful for what you have and not compare yourself to others who have more than you. Being bitter about what you do not have may make you feel less hacked by life. 

However, by subjecting yourself to a pre-condition to gratefulness is the same as putting a pre-condition to happiness by finding faults with it. It would be an easier journey if we stop to smell the roses and enjoy the beauty in our world today. 

Be close to nature, breath in the fresh air, relax and enjoy every bite of food. Stop to gaze lovingly on those close to you. Never take them for granted. Wishing that you have more than 24 hours in a day is an illusion. What is time? Humans measure time by the year, month, hour, minutes and seconds. 

Ask yourself this question, "Would my world collapse if I spare the time to be a human being instead of a human doing?

Book Cover
Book Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Don't play the waiting game

The one word that should be stricken from your vocabulary is "One day" because that one day will never come. Change it to "Today" because tomorrow may be too late.  Use 'victor' language instead of 'victim' language. Empower your mind with "I wil
l" instead of "I should" and "I don't like" instead of "I hate."

To feel more empowered, your self talk must be more flexible and you will then be proactive. One of the 7 habits of highly effective people according to Stephen Covey is "Proactivity." People who are proactive are very likely to be masters of their destiny. People who are reactive, who allow their mood to be controlled and manipulated by others will be slaves to their destiny.

Start today by drawing up an action list of things you want to accomplish. You do not necessary have to do all the things at once.  Break up larger goals into smaller goals or even sub-goals.  Make the important step to begin today.

Practice these five skills ever day and you will be a Master Hacker Of Life.

My next topic for discussion is, "How To Love Thy Body In 20 Ways."

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