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All women like to look beautiful and the marketing people in the field of skin care, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products know this fact so well that they prey on our vulnerability....

And it is the fear of looking old prematurely. They would try to convince us that their magical potion called pure collagen can turn back the hands of time.

Growing old is inevitable but, growing old gracefully and healthily is possible. Don't be sold into buying promises of regaining your youth that comes in an expensive glass jar. 

Be aware that there is no magic ingredient or fountain of youth that can reverse time and make one young again. Keep your mind young and active is a better alternative and definitely less expensive.  Users of Vitamin C and placenta injections report an almost immediate results of firmer and clearer skin but the effects of long term use have not been studied or tested. Are you willing to take the risks and the high cost of maintenance?

Myth: You can avoid getting wrinkles

Wrinkles are part of the process of aging and is unavoidable. The early use of skin care products may slow it down provided you avoid the sun, don't smoke and drink sufficient water among other things.

However, anti-aging products such as pure collagen creams or mask do not work when applied on the skin. 

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Some people do age better than others because their bodies are still producing enough collagen to keep their skin looking youthful. People with fair skin are more susceptible to sun damage compared to those with darker skin and often show signs of aging sooner.  If you are fair, it is important to wear sunblock or sunscreen to protect your skin when you have to go out in the sun.

Myth: Moisturizers can get rid of wrinkles

English: Skin folds of an old lady from Zacate...
English: Skin folds of an old lady from Zacatecas, Mexico Polski: Zmarszczki na czole staruszki z Zacatecas w Meksyku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No doubt moisturizers are important for your skin's health and appearance, but even the most expensive moisturizer does only that, moisturize. 

As we grow older, our skin will lose essential moisture. The moisture loss can be accelerated by the environment we live in.  

Exposure to extreme heat, cold or wind are factors to consider. Everyday, we  are exposed to pollutants or free radicals that invade our skin. 

Therefore, moisturizers acts as a barrier to protect the skin from further damage.  However, the best way to reverse the appearance of wrinkles would be to boost your body's own natural production of collagen.

Myth:  It's too late!

You stare at yourself in the mirror and find another new line or wrinkle. You sigh and reach for a jar of moisturizer and apply a thicker layer hoping that the line will disappear. 

The good news is that it is NOT too late. The way to go is to eat foods that have natural collagen that can boost your body to produce more. The key is not to slap collagen creams onto your skin but to feed it from within.

This leads me to my next topic of discussion, "WHAT ARE THE NATURAL FOODS THAT CONTAIN COLLAGEN?"

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