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1bkv_collagen triple helix
1bkv_collagen triple helix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What do you know about collagen creams? Or any product that claim to have collagen as one of the ingredients in their products be it in the form of beauty or in cosmetic products. Does it really work? Read to find out more.......

Collagen is the building blocks of our skin and other areas of our body. Our body produces collagen as long as we live. 

However, due to ageing, our bodies will produce lesser and lesser collagen. That is also one of the main reasons why our skin wrinkles

Can collagen loss be replaced by collagen creams?

Myth: Collagen creams do not work. But cosmetics companies would have you believe that their creams or skin serums that has collagen as the main ingredient can replace your body collagen.

Fact: Collagen molecules are simply too large to penetrate your skin. 

English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix
English: 1BKV Collagen triple helix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the chemical make up of collagen?

Collagen is a complicated and large molecule.  Collagen molecules  can weigh between 65,000  to 300,000 Daltons. A dalton is a unit of weight to measure molecules. In comparison, the molecular weight of water is only 18 Daltons.
A “small” piece of collagen weighing 65,000 Daltons will never be absorbed by the skin as it is simply to large for penetration. Moreover, our skin is designed to protect our body from large molecules. 

The diabetic and collagen connection

1bkv_collagen triple helix
1bkv_collagen triple helix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Did you know that diabetics can tell us a lot about wrinkle creams?  Why do diabetics have to take insulin via injections every day?

The answer is that diabetics have to take insulin  every day to help control blood sugar. Since insulin has a molecular weight of approximately 6,000 Daltons, it is too large to be applied directly to the skin. 

That is why it has to be injected into the bloodstream. In terms of molecule size, collagen is more than 10 times larger than insulin. So clearly, collagen can be delivered by rubbing it as a cream on our skin.

Now that you know that collagen creams do not work on your skin, would you still go and buy a bottle that can cost a few hundred ringgit?

My next topic for discussion is, "More Myths About Pure Collagen."

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My next topic for discussion is, "More Myths About Pure Collagen."

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