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There are 10 things  that benefit if you choose to be a single man, or you have just recently become single again and need a break.  Read on to find out more.

Number One.

You don't have to worry about about another persons habits

You may have had an unfortunate experience when she uses your razor to shave her legs or that she burns scented candles in all the rooms and the smell makes you nauseous.  Now, there is no annoying habits for you to tolerate.  

Your sleep will not be disrupted by her snores or pulling away your blankets leaving you shivering in the middle of the night.  Now you have the whole bed and blanket to yourself.

Number Two

You are free to be spontaneous 

When you are single, you don't have a routine to follow.  This is the time to be adventurous.  Go on a fishing trip with your buddies.  Go even further by spending the spring break surrounded by college women.  

You are not only doing something that is out of the ordinary, you can do so without having to check in with anyone first.  You have total freedom and control.


Number Three

Concentrate on moving up in your career

When you are juggling many elements in the air, you have to pay equal attention to every one of it.  But if you make a mistake, you can still focus on the remaining portion.  In the absence of a relationship, you can now devote your time fully to your work.  

Working overtime is not an issue and at the same time you can work harder to  impress your boss and take on extra projects.  Not having to worry about sacrificing your love life, being single you will have more vigor to tackle the challenges in your climb up the career ladder.

Number Four

You call all the shots

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Being in a relationship, you sometimes have to compromise.  And eventually, you will have to give up something like your favorite basketball game or two helpings of 
spaghetti since it is for the good of the couple.  Now you have all the time to indulge a little in small doses of selfishness which is good for the soul.

Calling all the shots means answering to no one. Visiting a a strip club or getting lipstick on your collar is guilt free.  So enjoy not having to explain your actions.

Number Five

Have fun flirting

Where you are involved with someone, there will always be a nagging voice in your mind reminding you not to talk to that beautiful woman in the shopping mall.  When you are single, you have the license to flirt with whomever you want, whenever you feel like it.

Spring Break (film)
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Flirting takes practice and with time on your hands, you can hone that skill and be good at it.  Master the art of seduction, and reap the rewards.

In the movies and the magazine ads, men are sent the message that they need a woman to be happy.  If you are ready for a commitment with a woman, there are many wonderful aspects waiting to be discovered.  However, flying solo has its good sides, too.

Number Six

You don't have to handle or face moodiness and nagging 

You get sent to the doghouse and you can't figure out why.  All you see is your woman hopping mad at you. 

That situation will not exist when you are by yourself and you will be in a state of calmness when you wake up the next morning with a hangover.

Number Seven

Weight Gain is not an issue

When you are not looking for a mate, you can relax from spending time at the gym and just chill and enjoy eating anything and everything.  Wear your comfortable Tees with holes in it and walk around the house in boxers all day if you feel like it.

Take pleasure in being a slob for a while.  Just make sure you don't let go completely when you decide to be a hunter again.

Number Eight

Independence and Free Will

With independence comes responsibility that is-to yourself.  You can have fun doing things on your own and for self-improvement.  Learn to cook, do your own laundry and keep your place tidy.  

Picking up skills make you a more complete and well-rounded person.  This is a great trait to have when you decide to date again.  Moreover, most women like their men to take charge of situations such as changing the light bulb, killing a rodent or a spider.

Number Nine

You have total control over your finances

If you are involved in a serious relationship, you will have to be prepared to spend a good amount of your budget for gifts, drinks, meals and trips when you are with your lady love.  That is part and parcel of courtship.  

Singlehood means you can put aside some form of savings, provided that you can control spending too much on parties, buying your buddies drinks, new outfits and so forth.  So be wise when it comes to your finances.

Number Ten

You have lots of time for activities

You don't need to think twice if you want to go to the gym, take up swimming, learn to play an instrument or even watch movies the whole day.  Who will stop you?

The time you use to spend on a demanding girlfriend can instead be spent hanging out with the boys.  Isn't it that neglecting your friends is one of the biggest sacrifices of being a couple?

In conclusion, you can look forward to being adventurous, be your own man and savor the freedom.

My next topic for discussion is, " Seven Things Women Dislike About Men."

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