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What do the modern men really want their women to possess when they are choosing a life partner?  Get your notebook and pen ready.  Let's find out here.

Ladies, here is a guide for you to to capture and impress the heart of a modern man.

Female quality #1: Independent Lady

Feminism aside, welcome the contemporary independent woman.  Showing that you can stand on your own two feet is important if you want to impress a man when you start a relationship.  Clinging women makes the average modern man feel suffocated.  

Keep your family and friends activities a separate event  at all times even though you have a new man in your life.  By showing him that you have a vibrant lifestyle aside from spending time with him enhances the relationship rather than be dictated by it.

Female quality #2: Honesty and Loyalty count

To have a love interest entails building trust.  To do that, you have to practice honesty.

Be honest to tell the man if:-

a. You are married and in the midst of divorcing your ex.

b. You have a feet fetish.
c. Whatever skeletons you may have in the closet

After your revelations, you may well risk the man making a mad dash for the door but you know that you have done the right thing.  Perhaps owing up to have a fetish maybe a bit too soon to tell him but,  you get the idea.

Being clear from the onset will avoid your love interest making the discoveries themselves later on which, may cause cracks or friction in the blossoming relationship.  Let's face it, both of you cannot afford to waste precious time.

Don’t cover up  anything – if this man truly likes you enough, he will accept your situation and even may want to help you through a difficult time rather than dropping you. 

Should either one of you can’t accept the truth about one another’s past or present lives, then  it is pointless to get together because you are unable to see a favorable future.

Female quality #3: Self Grooming and Sense of  style

A man appreciates a woman if she takes pride in her appearance.  The same goes for the women,  when it comes to the man in her life.  And this has been ongoing since the time of our ancestors.

It is not how good looking, beautiful, tall, slim you are but the essential  primping and preening here and there makes a very good impression on the man.  Don't go overboard by wearing too much makeup, bling bling and elaborate gowns.  Instead wear an outfit that enhances your assets and downplay your shortcomings.  Wear natural looking makeup to highlight your best feature, have a great hair style that compliment your face shape.  Spray your favorite perfume and feel sexy.

When you have your own style that showcase your best always, it will result in a more confident you and do note that this is another trait that men look for in women.

Female quality 4: Be Confident

The timid damsel in distress belongs to romantic novels and Victorian period.  Being needy is not attractive in the present age and all it does is - attract a few raised eyebrows.  

It is a celebrity's job to exude bold confidence every time they step in front of the cameras.  In reality, they are really faking it.  A truly confident celeb is rare.

Don't focus on your weaknesses but instead hone and develop your strengths to your advantage.  Learn the right body language that can help you fake confidence when in actual fact  you want to run in your high heels and hide.  Stand up straight, head held high, make eye contact, and with a big smile, you can instantly find the confident you.

Female quality #5: Be mature and articulate

Talking like a five year old may be endearing but done too often becomes annoying.  The average modern man likes his lady love to be able to converse intelligently as well as have a funny bone.  Being cute could put him off.  

Find interesting topics to talk about and be sure to listen attentively to him.  At the same time interject with your input by sharing ideas and your thoughts on the subject.  Keep the slang words after you have gone out together for more than a few dates.  Do not swear as this will come across as uncouth.

It is an accepted universal truth that the modern man is looking for different qualities in a woman than the man who was living in say, the 1800s.  Be that as it may, if you can apply the above tips fully, you are walking on the path to becoming the woman of a every man's dream.

I do not claim to be an expert in the subject of relationships and the sole purpose of this article is only for sharing.

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