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Apart from taking care of our face, neck and hair, most women tend to overlook taking care of their breasts.  

Here are 10 tips to protect and prevent your puppies from unwanted diseases or going south for the winter.

A lot of women  are never happy with their breast shape,  size or firmness.  Plastic surgeons are laughing to the bank because of this.  

But there are natural ways that you can adopt to keep them looking their best without having to spend thousands of dollars by going under the knife and not to mention the agony of recovery.  And if you are unlucky, you will end up even worst off than before you started.  Botched plastic surgeries are a reality and in pursuit of a perfect body, some women throw caution to the winds.

Protect your breast from cancer

Research studies found that eating certain foods can help to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.  

You should include lots of yellow or orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins or butternut squash as they are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene. 

Walnuts, cranberies and flax seeds, salmon, tuna, avocados and eggs have been found to reduce risk of breast cancer too.  If your breast tend to swell and feel tender during menstrual cycles, eat foods high in magnesium to counter the effects.

Wear the correct bra size

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90 per cent of women are not wearing the right bra size which can result in a number of health problems such as back pain, breathing difficulties, rashes and even damage to breast ligaments.  This can cause breast to sag.

Breast size will change over time due to weight, bone shrinkage and aging.  So do not guess your bra size but to get fitted regular to ensure that your assets are getting the proper support which will pay dividends in later years.

Firming Creams

If you are not into sweating, opt for firming creams designed for female breasts and use them regularly to keep them perky and uplifted. After your shower, massage the cream around the breast area and sides to help improve skin elasticity as wells as to tone and keep wrinkles away.

A regular massage promotes blood circulation and relaxes any tensed muscles due to sitting stooped over for too long in front of a computer or perhaps after heavy duty chores such as washing the bedsheets, curtains or doing spring cleaning, the muscles on the under arms and breast bone will be sore and tight.

You will notice an improvement in the overall appearance of your breast.

Regular self examinations

FDA-Pictogram 1 of 5 explaining breast self-ex...
FDA-Pictogram 1 of 5 explaining breast self-examination for breast cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FDA-Pictogram 2 of 5 explaining breast self-ex...
FDA-Pictogram 2 of 5 explaining breast self-examination for breast cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FDA-Pictogram 3 of 5 explaining breast self-ex...
FDA-Pictogram 3 of 5 explaining breast self-examination for breast cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FDA-Pictogram 4 of 5 explaining breast self-ex...
FDA-Pictogram 4 of 5 explaining breast self-examination for breast cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FDA-Pictogram 5 of 5 explaining breast self-ex...
FDA-Pictogram 5 of 5 explaining breast self-examination for breast cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A survey done by Breakthrough Breast Cancer found that only less than 40% of women would check their breasts regularly for lumps or abnormalities.

Breast cancer is a leading cause of deaths in women.  By doing regular self examination and early detection can save your life as it increases your chances of survival.  

You should make it a habit to look for changes in size, shape, skin texture as well as any discharge, rashes or lumps.

If you are not sure how to check, go online to get the necessary know how or visit your family doctor or a gynecologist.

Be Active

When you regularly exercise, your oestrogen levels will lower and this will reduce risk of breast cancer.  If you were ill and on the road to recovery, exercising can also help activate your immune system to fight off any remnants of the bacteria that was causing you to fall sick. Exercising your pectoral muscles not only tones up the breast but prevents it from sagging.  Push-ups and bench presses are two great exercise to firm up, lift and shape your breasts.

Don't smoke

Sticks of cigarettes

Don't start or if you are already smoking, make an effort to quit.  Smoking has been known to cause many diseases that are life threatening and this includes breast cancer.  

Not only that, women smokers tend to have shallow skin tone and wrinkles around their mouth due to puffing on cigarettes.

Studies have shown that women who smoke have 30 per cent higher risk of contracting the disease than non smokers.

Sunscreen or Sunblock

In Malaysia,  the sun shines all year round.  And if you notice, the heat is not like it was before.  

When you step outside, do you feel that you are stepping into a hot oven even at 10 am?  Does your skin feel like it is being scorched instead of pleasantly warm?  

The depleting ozone layer, greenhouse effect, high emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, chopping down of trees have everything to do with the increase heat.

So what can you do to protect your skin?  The solution is to use sunscreen or sunblock with a minimum SPF40.  The key is to apply on a regular basis on your face, neck, arms and even back of the legs and feet.  

Other ways to protect your skin from further damage:
  • Wear long sleeve to cover your arms when you are driving.
  • Wearing a hat can deflect some of the harmful UV rays too.  
  • Or use an umbrella.  
  • Avoid going out in the sun between 12 noon to 4 pm where the heat is the strongest.

What bras give good support?

Wear Sports Bra when you exercise. Photocredit:Wikipedia

Sports bras are designed to support the breasts so that when you jump, you will not exert force that may injure the connective tissues in your chest area.

Women with large breast should invest in a good sports bra to exercise as heavy breasts tend to sag easily.  By wearing a well fitted bra, it will help to minimize movement and prevent further sagging.

Importance of posture

Notice that when you sit for long periods of time doing you work on the computer, you tend to slouch?  Before you know it, your breast will start to migrate sideways and point downwards.

You may laugh at the thought but many women are walking around with a flat chest thinking that their breasts have shrunk but in reality, the  fat has deposited to the arm pits.  Ill fitting bras are of no help to push the tissues back to where it should belong and that is upfront and center.

Look for bras that have a wide band with at least 4 to 5 hooks.  Yes, even if you are a size 36A which after correct measurements, you will find that you are actually a 36C!

Adjust your breast on regular intervals by gently pushing it from your underarms to the front to fill up the cup. This action will train your ligaments to "remember" the correct position and it also prevents the extra flesh from spilling out from the sides or back which you will agree, will look unflattering when you are wearing a tight fitting T-shirt.  If you are outside, try to find a restroom to do this.

To improve your posture further, try Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi.

My next topic for discussion is, "How To Fight Back Energy Stealers."

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When you get your keys
It open many doors,

Watch out for cheeky monkeys,
That hide behind the doors.
Sometimes you get donkeys,
You better slam the doors!
If it is a wolly wookie,
Dash quickly out the doors!
If it turns out Chucky,
You better lock the doors!

I hope that you are lucky, 
Waiting behind the doors, 
If that is your destiny, 
He will find you and be yours. 

Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post,

"Here's To Your Health!"

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