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People who like to drink cold water or prefer

flavored water may not be jumping for joy

about drinking hot water.    But if you are the

type of person who is concerned with health, 

and choose to be informed, then read on.

Drinking water is important for hydrating our

bodies but a lot of us do not drink sufficient 

water everyday.  Most of you will consider

drinking water as in your morning cup of 

coffee, tea or cappuccino.   

No doubt these are hot drinks but they actually take away nutrients from you body and are 

in fact dehydrating. 

Some people who just dislike the taste of plain old water would add syrups, honey, fruit 

flavored cordials or would rather take fruit juices to make the water taste better.

English: Canned fruit juices by Britvic.
 Canned fruit juices by Britvic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The water that is mixed with flavors are

beneficial for your health but the added 

sugars, artificial coloring, preservatives  may 

actually negate the health benefits.

People would also drop a slice of lemon to 

their glass of water for that lemony taste to 

mask the smell of plain water. Lemon is a

citrus fruit and when the juices are consumed,

 our bodies metabolic process will make the

lemon juice become alkaline.  It can then help  

in digesting our food more efficiently.

Lets look at what some experts have said about drinking hot water.

Here are the benefits of drinking hot water with a slice of lemon.

  • When you add lemon to hot water, it may act as a diuretic that will help the body to flush out toxins and improves digestion.
  • It can promote the absorption of nutrients.
  • Hot water may increase your body temperature slightly and in turn increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories and fat. 
  • Lemon water provides vitamins and minerals that water does not have.
  • It contains very little calories

By taking lemon and hot water instead of flavored water, you actually reduces your calorie 

intake which in turn may help you lose weight faster.  

Tip: As lemon is acidic before it enters your body, it is advisable to rinse out your mouth 

after drinking lemon with water to prevent erosion of your teeth enamel.

What if you just drink plain hot water?

Boiling water Photo credit: Wikipedia

Boiled water would get rid of any bacteria present in the water.  In my case, I have to drink 

boiled water as mineral water or tap water makes my stomach bloat.

Before you even begin eating your meal, you should sip at least a glass or two of hot water so that:-

  • It curbs hunger and therefore you will not eat as much.
  • the water will be in place which the food can absorbed and be easily digested.  
  • It can also make you feel full faster and prevents you from overeating.
  • It may raise your body temperature to assist in the metabolism of food.
  • It can promote weight loss

After meals, you should also slowly sip another glass of hot water to increase the metabolic 

rate that will aid the digestion of food even more.  Hot water on your taste receptors actually 

triggers a response to send signals that will stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain.

And when you start losing weight, you will find than drinking hot water will be even 

more enjoyable.

Traditional Chinese Medicine take on drinking water

TCM doctors would advise against taking cold water or hot water as it could shock your 

body system and disrupt the natural process of digestion.  On the other hand, if you suffer 

from chills, sleepiness, "foggy" brain, bloating or retention of fluids, hot water will bring your 

body back to balance. 

Well, how many of you have experienced " brain freeze" when taking  Slurpee's or 


In conclusion

Since drinking cold or hot water may be too extreme for our body's delicate balance, consider 

drinking warm water which is milder, does not shock your system and at the same time it 

can aid your  gastrointestinal and kidney functions to work more efficiently to increase the

metabolic rate in order to break down the food you eat, and in the process  help you lose 


My next topic for discussion is, "The Benefits of Grape Seed Oil For Your Skin."


A blooming garden

The Garden of Eden.

The flowers grow.

Where butterflies go.

Rainbow colors.

Hot summer showers.

A butterfly lands

On lass's hands. 

Thanks for reading my blog.  Until my next post.....

Here's To Your Health!

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