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You are going on a group date with your gal pals.  You are ready for a night of fun and perhaps meet some new guy friends.  Here are eight secrets on how to get the most of the night and come away a winner.

Cover of "Date Night"
Cover of Date Night

The first secret on "How to be a Man Magnet."  


Self Confidence
Self Confidence (Photo credit: Alfin Akhret)

The number one thing that men find hot about women is.....well, let's just say, if you bet your cash on 'boobs,' then you'll be broke until payday!  

The secret weapon is actually killer confidence.  Men are naturally attracted to women who are self-confident and happy within themselves.

That's not to say that guys don't love boobs, but even they realise that a nice rack can't exactly hold a decent conversation.  Men want to converse with somebody, they want to engage.

To boost your self-confidence, wear outfits that you feel hot in, talk about subjects that interest you, and don't be afraid to have a laugh.

The second secret on "How to be a Man Magnet."   


Chances are you're on the lookout for a potential partner when you go out, but don't make that your main objective.  

Focus on having a great time with your friends-because, ironically, this is what will attract men! If you go out looking desperate, people notice and especially men.

Girls place too much emphasis on deliberately 'attracting men, you are more likely to find a guy when you are not actually looking.

The third secret on "How to be a Man Magnet."   


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Remember your grandmother's saying: "You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar"?

Well, grandma was on to something!  Negativity is an unattractive trait, and if you meet up with a date only to bitch about other girls, or worse, your exes, you won't exactly make his list of Top 10 Date Night Experiences.


If you complain about your ex, your guy will think you are a man-hater or that you are not over the ex yet.

The fourth secret on "How to be a Man Magnet." 


Cosmetic Universe
Cosmetic Universe (Photo credit: rallenhill)
It is no secret that guys love it when you are easy.  Come on, minds out of the gutter!  I don't mean that kind of easy....I mean easy-going.

Men are less complicated that women are, and they like ladies who are similarly no-fuss.  It is all about flexibility.

Try to be adaptable to any situation.  If you meet up with a guy and he suddenly says, "Let's go to a movie right now", just say, "Sure, why not?"

Men definitely love it when you are enthusiastic and fun.  Try to look at life as an adventure.  A lot of girls date with a closed mind and are scared to try new things.  But guys live for the moment and they love a girl who is up for anything that is fun and decent.

The fifth secret on "How to be a Man Magnet." 


Scarlett Johansson: That Face
Scarlett Johansson: That Face (Photo credit: John McNab)
It is fun to get dolled up, wear heels, and spend an hour on your hair.  But, newsflash: Guys don't dig it!  Notice how men love Scarlett Johansson?

She's been photographed quite often strolling around in jeans and a T-Shirt.  She's not glammed up, Kardashian-esque girl.  She's pretty and natural.

If the thought of going make-up-free terrifies you,  opt for some mascara and lip gloss when ducking out for brekkie.

Open up and show him your naturally gorgeous side!  And don't be afraid of how you look in the morning.  Try to be comfortable in your own skin, because that is attractive in itself.

The sixth secret on "How to be a Man Magnet."  

Zen Frog
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When you are dating a person, you're really into, there's a part of you that wants to cancel your plans and spend every psare moment with them.  Resist the urge!  

If you don't have your own interests, then what are you going to talk about?  That is how people interact.  If you give up everything that is of interest to you, then you are giving all your power to him.  And it does not work, because he will want to spend time doing his own things.

If you are constantly free, it will be less of a treat when he does get to see you.  So, keep your life busy and he will do anything to be a part of it.

The seventh secret on "How to be a Man Magnet."  


Girls tend to constantly obsess over things.  We read into every syllable of every word he says, when really we need to chill out.  Ultimately, nothing has a meaning until we attach a meaning to it.  

So when you are worried that he has not texted you back or has not called you 10 times today, that does not mean he is not into you.

We sometimes worry that a guy is going to play games, and we end up trying to one-up them by playing games ourselves.

The last secret on "How to be a Man Magnet"


Think about the guy you want to meet and words like funny, kind, sensitive and fund-loving might come to mind.

But practice what you preach - if you would not want to date yourself, why would anyone else want to?  

You don't have to be the prettiest girl. Just be the most wonderful girl.  Put a big smile on your face - that's the best beauty product. 

Falling in Love
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Follow all the 8 secrets. It is not only going to make you more attractive, it will make you a much happier person.

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