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For those who work a five day week, don't you just love the weekends? You get to run errands, do the laundry, housework, buy the next week's groceries, go for an excursion, catch up on your reading or just have a lazy, hazy relaxing time at home watching old movies and munching on a big bowl of popcorn smothered with butter. You wish the weekend will never end.

CloudsOn Sunday night, your euphoria looses steam when the thought that tomorrow you have to  get up and go through the giant grinder, also known as work. A feeling of dread and sometimes sense of foreboding washes over you. You are having a bout of the impending Monday blues. Some may call it black Monday. Maybe because they feel as though a dark cloud is hanging over their heads. It is especially a big cloud when there is a work pile up or datelines to meet.....Well, every cloud has a silver lining

8 Regular things you must do during the weekend no matter what

A.Make a to-do list and check of those that are completed.

Checkbook, to do list, pencil and two US penniesHaving a to-do list keeps you on track with what errands needs urgent attention and what is not during the week.  Check off completed task. Compile the outstanding tasks and complete them on Saturdays. You will then have more free time on Sunday to enjoy with your family and friends.

B.Keep a schedule and stay on it.

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That is to say try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep by staying close to your sleeping and waking times. Going to bed and wake up at a predetermined time as close as possible will keep your body in rhythm. So, when Monday comes, waking up early will be a cinch.

C. Relaxation

Spa to relaxMake a point to slot in a time to relax as weekends are for unwinding and enjoying the activities you love. After all, that is what weekends are for. By striking a balance, you will be able to perform at your best during the week.  

D. Don't over extend yourself

Going for a weekend getaway or social function that involves travelling can drain your energy faster than a speeding bullet. Make allowances for rest time after the activity and be home by a certain time to let your tired body rest and to have a good nights sleep.

For example, on Saturday morning, you wake up early to get ready for a picnic at the beach. After spending the whole day in the sun, you rush back, shower, change and go out again for a function and coming home past midnight. Then on Sunday, you wake up early to participate in a half marathon. By the end of the day, you will be all drained out. The next day you have to go to work. 

Tired at workIf you have to cram high energy activities in the same weekend, I suggest taking leave on Monday. Otherwise, space out the high energy stuff into 2 weekends. The result is, you'll get more enjoyment because you know you have time to rest.  You have achieved balance..... unless you continue to enjoy it even on Monday. Then Tuesday will be your new Monday.

E. Bring out the Planner

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On a Sunday afternoon, sit down with your planner and look at the week ahead of you. Set your mind on what you want to accomplish and as a reminder that getting a good night's sleep is very important if you are going to function at your best.  Take this time to plan the week's meals, have a grocery list and check that all the clothes you need are washed and pressed, ready to be worn.

F. Exercise

Let this be your motto, "To have a happier week, I must exercise on Mondays". Why? Well, by starting off with a workout at the beginning of the week prepares your body and mind to have a positive attitude and increases your energy level, thereby improving your mood.

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G. Do the toughest job first

At work, choose to complete the most challenging task. By completing it successfully, you will feel a great sense of relief as well as achievement. Knowing that you have been very productive early in the week will give you the inspiration and a boost to your confidence as you work through the week resulting in a positive tone is set.

H. Get the ZZZ's

Alarm - focus on alarmAs mentioned in the beginning, getting enough sleep is very important that it has to be repeated again. Go to bed before 11.00 pm, so that when the alarm clock rings, you are all ready to start the day on the right foot.

I have just shared eight simple steps how you can chase the blues away and see the sunlight breaking through the dark clouds. The keywords are preparation and taking advantage of all that it can offer. By following these methods, you will find that your Mondays will become a much more enjoyable day. 

Since Monday is the first day of the work week, why not make a good impression for the rest of the week by setting the tone. It can be potentially a day that you dread becomes a day that is respected for its ability to keep you grounded, giving you a balance in your work and play successfully.

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Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog. I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your experiences in relation to this topic.

Until my next post, Here's To Your Health!


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