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Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiece...
Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiecego oka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are cheap eyeliners and there are expensive ones.  Pencil or liquid or eyeliner brush dipped in eyeshadow?  How to apply eyeliner? What are the different ways and looks?

Find all the answers here.....

Pencil or Liquid?

Whether to line the inside of your eye, when to use a pencil or liquid can be confusing.  

It can also be personal.  For example, I prefer roll out eyeliners rather than pencils because no sharpening is required. I reserve liquid eye liners for nights outs and I like the ones that come in a pen form. It gives well defined lines every time and very good for drawing a wing tip.

Types of eyeliners

1) Pencil eyeliners will not see you through the day and need to be reapplied. 
You can make the line last longer by swiping some brown, black or dark blue eyeshadow over the lines.
2) Bottled liquid, gel or cream versions are quite difficult to control the line.  If you want to attempt, you will have to be quite deft at using this form as there is no room for mistakes.
3)Waterproof liquid eyeliner has staying power especially if your lids tend to become oily through the course of the day.  

However, to remove waterproof eye makeup, please use an eye makeup remover that is specifically for  waterproof eyeliner or mascara.  Plain soap and water will only make your lids dry and fine lines to form.

M.A.C Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel
M.A.C Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel (Photo credit: Breelynne)

Method to apply liquid eyeliner

These are the ways:

1) Begin lining the eye from the inner corner of the lashes and pull a line outwards in one big sweep. 

2) Line the eye from the middle of the lash line outward. Finish the line from the inner corner of the eye and join it at the middle.

3) You need a steady hand. This trick will make your eyes appear bigger.


  • Your eyes should be completely bare.
  • Dot the liquid liner into the spaces between the upper lashes. Wiggle the liner into the lashes. The goal is not to draw a line.  What this method does is to make the lashes look super thick at the root.
  • Apply mascara
  • Check completed eye with the other naked eye.

What are the different looks and how to apply

Here are four looks which you can try.
  • Basic Eyes
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Dramatic Eyes
  • Cats Eyes

Method to apply Basic eyes

This will give you a barely made up look which can carry you through a work day or over the weekend.  No one will suspect that you have any makeup on and still able to look as fresh as a daisy.
If you have light hair, opt for  deep brown eyeliner versus black. The key is to keep the line light but still visible.

Colors used: Urban Decay Book of Shadows: Absi...
Colors used: Urban Decay Book of Shadows: Absinthe, Homegrown, Baked, Twice Baked. Liner: Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Hold the skin of your upper lid taut, starting from the inside of the eye, trace the upper lashes with a pencil or an eyeliner brush that was dipped in a dark shade.  
  • If you want a more dramatic look, draw a thick line on the outside and extend it just beyond the lash line.
  • Another way to draw the lash line is to flick the eyeliner upward just as you reach the outer edge.  This is a wing tip look.  It gives droopy eyes a lift.
  • You can combine a dramatic look with the wing tip for another variation of shape.
  • Once you have drawn the line, apply a liquid liner over it.  To keep your hands steady, place your elbow on the table.  Otherwise, skip this step and instead set liner with a dark eyeshadow.
  • Next, apply eyeshadow or eye pencil on the lower lashes.  You can use a different color on the bottom lash line to match your pupils. Don't line the entire lower eyelid unless you have huge eyes.  Smudge the eye pencil line with your finger to make it look more natural.

Method to apply Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye makeup has been around for so long that there is no danger of it going out of style. Blending well is the key and making sure to keep the rest of your makeup low keyor you may end up looking like you had your eyes punched or a clown.  Allow your smokey eyes to stand out.
  • Hold the skin of your upper lid taut, apply eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye and outward. Use short strokes to draw into the lash line.  The middle line should be thicker than the edges.
  • You may use a Q-Tip, cotton bud or your finger to smudge the liner
  • Use an eyeshadow brush, dab into a dark eyeshadow and set the line by applying over it. Befe.ore drawing tap lightly or blow on the brush to remove any excess. Layering and blending in the liner with a shadow is the key to a perfect smokey eye.
  • After blending, add your favorite eyeshadow.
With smokey eye makeup, the color should gradually diffuse from rich and dark near the lashes to almost translucent or sheer as it gets nearer to the crease.

Method to apply Dramatic Eyes

For an evening out, make a statement with dramatic eyes. 

Instead of the usual black eyeliner shades, choose other deeper colors for a cool and bold look.  Use liquid eyeliner instead of pencil.

  • Hold the skin of your upper lid taut, begin at the middle of the eye and draw towards the outer corner with the liquid liner.
  • Then from the inner corner of the eye, draw a second line to join the middle line. The line at the outer corner should be thicker than the inner corner.  If your eyes are small, do not draw right to the end of the inner corner.  Leave a space as this will help to make your eyes bigger.

Method to apply Cats Eyes

Even if you have small eyes, you can still pull off this sexy look. The secret is to draw a very thin line inside the rims of your lids.  You would need a sharp pencil.

  • Hold the skin of your upper lid taut.  Use liquid eyeliner and dot it along the upper lash line and as close to the eye as possible.  Draw the line from the inner to the outer corner of eye and as you reach the outer corner, extend the line upward.  Wait  for a few minutes for the liner to dry.
  • Black liquid liner can look harsh.  To soften, try smudging a lighter colored pencil like dark brown or charcoal gray over the liquid line.
  • For the lower lid, hold it down and apply liner only to the outer 3/4 of the rim. As you approach the tear duct pull away so that the line will fade out.  With an upward stroke extend the liner at the outer corners.
If you are not bold enough to wear this look, try a softer version by using an eyeshadow brush, swipe a taupe or brown color onto the lower lash line.
More Tips

  • Use a white pencil or highlight on the inner corner of the eyes with a shimmery powder will make your eyes appear wider.
  • Splurge on a good set of makeup brushes which is the secret to a flawless face.
  • To get the 'smudged' look and still look casual, apply a pencil line only to the bottom lashes and smudge it with your finger.

Here is a video for your viewing.


My next topic for discussion is, "How to make your eyes look luminous."

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