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You are threading a very fine line when it comes to applying blush.  If you are heavy handed, the blush will look like two round circles on both sides of your cheeks. You will  look like a clown minus the red nose.  

How can you avoid overstepping? Read more to find out.

According to InStyle Magazine, many women nowadays do not use blush.  However, in 1948, 66% of the women in America would use blush.  In comparison to the modern day woman, only about 47% still do.

Why wear blush?  Makeup artist would attest that blush is your beauty secret weapon. Your skin will look healthy and have a natural color.  So blush away!

Here are some steps in choosing the right blush color.

Step One Use nature's colors as your guide

The trick is to find a color that matches your cheeks when they are flushed after a jog or being exposed to the cold.  A simple home test is to slap your cheeks until it changes color and use that color to guide you.  To make it easier, take a close up of your cheeks and bring it along for comparison.

A second trick which is painless would be to match your lip color.  Rose is great on fair skin, apricot or even red for dark skin and peach for those of you who have olive skin.

Step Two Choosing the right formula

  • If your skin is oily or a combination skin, powder is your best ch
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    Eyeshadow/blush compact. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • For dry skin, go for cream blush.

  • Oily skin can also go for liquid and gel blush.  You can also combine cream and powder that will result in the blush staying longer on your cheeks as well as giving it a healthy glow. That is if your skin is well moisturized.  For dry skin, remember to blend well and quickly.

Step Three 

The next step is to apply foundation, eye color and lip gloss or lipstick.  Usually, blush is your second last makeup step that is before powder.  However, play with it and see what will work for you.  

Makeup artists prefer to apply blush before foundation to get a more natural look.

Step Four The Brush for Blush

Forget about using the mini blush brush that comes with the blush compact.  Instead buy a profession full brush and use it exclusively to apply blush.  Use another brush for your powder.

Step Five How to use the brush

Twirl the brush on the blush, tap off any excess or if you prefer gel or cream blush, dab some gel on your fingers.

Step Six Find the 'apple

To help you know where the "apple" of your cheek is, just look into the mirror and smile.

Step Seven How to Blush

For a glowing flush, apply blush only to the apples of your cheeks. Keep it light and well blended.  For gel and cream blush, dab it on with your middle finger, blending it with your ring and middle finger.  Any excess blush can be removed with the clean finger.

Step Eight Too Heavy

If you have applied too much powder blush, the solution is to use a bit of translucent powder over it to tone it down.  

If you have applied too much cream blush, use a tissue to blot off the excess color.

If you have applied gel or liquid blush too heavily, the only way is to lighten is to wash it off, moisturize and reapply your makeup for the simple reason that both will leave a stain if you attempt to lighten it.

Step Nine

Finally, set the blush by sweeping some translucent powder over the blush.


  • Try a C-shaped shading. Apply a sheer highlighting powder beginning from the temple to the cheekbones in a C-shape. Use the center of your brow bone as the starting point and sweep downward and curve up stopping in the middle of your cheeks.
  • Those of you who love a tan look, just dab some bronzer on your forehead, chin and nose just before you apply the blush.  The key is to use a light hand and a big brush to avoid getting the stripe look. 
  • To keep your brushes clean, use baby wipes.  Bacteria can gather on the brushes and transfer to your skin.
  • To get a sexy look, dab a litter shimmer blush on the highest point of your cheekbone near to your eye.
  • If you are a fan of powder blush, remember to always sweep it in one direction. If you sweep in circles it not only causes streaks, it can damage your brush.
  • If you have mature skin, opt for cream blush as it can blend easily and you can get a natural look.  You can also experiment with gel.  Just apply a dot on the apple of the cheek and two smaller dots up the cheekbone. Then blend the dots up to the hairline.
  • Try dusky pink blush.  It will warm up any tired-looking skin.

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