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We live in a modern world that provides us with multitude of ready to eat food that we can pick up from the frozen sections in hypermarkets, convenience store, your friendly neighborhood grocery shop and fast food drive-ins. Food can even be delivered piping hot directly to your doorstep. Just pick up the phone and dial a 1-300-xx-xxxx number. What about the tempting buffet spreads and all you can eat fare that major hotels in the cities beckons you to come and try?

It is convenient, easy and time saving. We find ourselves eating out more often than cooking meals at home. Malaysian hawker food are so varied and unique due to the fact that we are a multi-race society and boast of cuisines that the West have been known to rave about and rank our dishes on their top ten best food in the world list. When it comes to food, we are really spoiled for choice.

However, indulging in such food on a daily basis has unhealthy consequences.  Obesity among our young is on the rise.  In fact, we are poisoning our bodies.  The high incidence of heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney ailments and other chronic diseases are testaments to a toxic diet high in salts, sugars and fats.  What do we have to do to get back on the healthy track?


In order for our bodies to remove the toxins that have accumulated in our system, we have to detox. The definition of "Detox" is simply to cleanse out the toxins from our system with the help of herbal drinks, fruit juices, laxatives or detox treatments in the spas and at home. One extreme method for detoxification is Colonic Irrigation by flushing warm filtered water into the colon via the anus. which has been adopted by celebrities for a quick result. But is detoxing safe? Some medical doctors have said that there is no such thing as a detox because the body naturally detoxes itself?

To a certain point, I do agree with the good doctors. However, for those who frequently consume unhealthy food, smoke or drink alcohol regularly are more likely than not to find themselves with weight or health issues.   Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are also contributing factors. The digestive system is on an overdrive due to overeating, which can cause indigestion of food.  Chemical inhalation from smoking and second hand smoke, contaminants from household cleaning products and preservatives can cause free radicals to be absorbed via our skin into our bloodstream.

The bloodstream will be flooded with toxins that the pancreas,  liver and kidney cannot process metabolism properly or quick enough.  High levels of bad cholesterol in the artery walls will also hamper the heart's optimum function as it has to pump harder to push the blood through the narrow arteries. This in turn causes the blood pressure to go up. Our vital organs are literary in distress and in need of outside intervention.

Philosophically, there is a difference between East and West about detoxification.  In the East, it is a tradition to fast for spiritual purposes. People who are open to detox are more likely to believe in alternative or traditional medicines and treatments. The belief that something works can also be based on their own personal experience.

Is Dieting and Detoxing the same?

To detox is to drink fluids such as herbal teas, fruit juices or just plain water for one whole day, gives the body's digestive system a time out. In other words, to fast and not eat any solid food for the next 24 hours or depending on the type of detox program that can take between one to twenty-one days. Clear soups, fresh vegetables, steamed fish or chicken breast meat are gradually reintroduced to the diet once the system has been cleansed.
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To diet is to stop eating food rich in fats, salt, sugar, gluten, carbohydrates and replace it with soy, protein, lean meat, fish, fresh fruits and greens.  The quantity of food intake is determined by the calories that is needed by the body from the major    food groups. 

No junk food, sweets, cakes, pastries and all the good stuff that are bad for us.  In other words, dieting requires a strong will and discipline to follow through.


Humans tend to be impatient and eager to get results in the quickest possible time.  For example, instead of taking two glasses of fresh juices or herbal tea a day, you take double of everything thinking that it would speed things up.

When the body detoxifies too rapidly, it suddenly has to handle a load of toxins entering the bloodstream after they have been released from the cells.  This can make you feel sick before you can feel better.

If your system has a high level of toxins, then you can get very sick.

The fastest way is not always the best way. Instead it can do more harm than good.  So remember to detox gradually.

Five ways to detox safely 

  1. Drink plenty of pure water
  2. Make sure you can rest while detoxifying.
  3. Never follow the advice of a stranger online or a friend.
  4. Don't detoxify if you have a serious health issue.
  5. Herbs are natural but not always safe.

Many detox diets are used in conjunction with diuretics and enemas.  Both remove water         from your body.  Therefore, make sure to replenish the water loss.

Your body must have time to rest so it can regenerate energy.  So don't detoxify while working, playing sports or if you are under a lot of stress.

What may work perfectly for others may not work for you.

Don't detox if you have the following issues: Heart condition, Kidney or Liver problems, Diabetes or Hypoglycemia. You need proper medical supervision to make sure the method is safe FOR YOU.

Do some research before you take a herb for anything. 

The Benefits of Detoxification

Weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy, stamina, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure and decreased hormonal symptoms in menopausal women are some of the benefits when you detox safely.

Tips For A Healthy Home Detox

Eliminate foods that have allergenic or highest inflammatory potential. This includes dairy, gluten containing foods such as wheat, rye, barley, soy, and refined foods, red meat, shellfish, caffeine and alcohol.
Brown Rice and organically grown fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Fresh juices, both vegetables and fruit and water aid with the detox process.

Detox twice a year.

Spa treatments such as dry brushing will remove dead cells from the body.  Body wraps and hydrotherapy are also beneficial for detoxifying.

Our bodies detoxifies through our sweat glands.  That is why exercise is important as it helps us sweat and eliminates fat as well as water soluble toxins from building up in our bodies.

Once or twice weekly visit a sauna facility to sweat.

Add detox supporting vitamins, minerals and herbs as your supplement intake.

In a nutshell

Adopt a balance diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and exercise. Do that everyday and you are on your way to healthy living.

The million dollar question is, "Are you willing to change?"

My next topic for discussion is, "ARE YOU ADDICTED TO JUNK FOOD?".

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Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your experiences in relation to today's topic.

Until my next post, "Here's to your health!"

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