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English: Containers of coconut oil and flax oil
English: Containers of coconut oil and flax oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Really, I can write a 100 page book on this topic alone.  For practical reasons, and as the title states, I will  keep it short, simple and informative.  So read on.

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Beautiful woman with azaleasHair Care

How? By massaging the oil onto scalp.

When? After bathing and washing your hair.
Where? On hair, eyebrows, eye lashes.
Why? Helps in healthy growth of hair.

Sepia image of womans body

Skin Care

How? By massaging the oil onto skin.
When? If skin feels dry, flaky, or have skin problems and infections.
Where? All over the body and on face(lightly massage one drop and avoid   the T-Zone if you have oily skin.)
Why? It is an effective moisturizer for all skin types. No adverse side effects.

Heart Diseases    Do you have high Cholesterol?
Hands and heart on a white backgroundHow? Take one to two table spoon of OCVO daily.
When? Take one to two tablespoons of OVCO in the morning or before meals
Where? Protects the heart and arteries by preventing blockage.
Why? OCVO contains 50% lauric acid and 50% saturated fat.  Lauric acid helps to prevent various heart problems, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  The saturated fat of OCVO is not harmful compared to other vegetable oil.  

Weight Loss

Tape Measure
How? Take one to two tablespoon of OCVO daily
When? Take 2 tablespoon of OVCO in the morning or before meals
Where? The short and medium chain fatty acids help to burn off excessive fats in our bodies as it is easily digested and absorbed into our livers which in turn increase metabolism. 
Why? OCVO helps to reduce weight naturally and gradually. 

When we lose weight, our blood pressure and cholesterol levels will also reduce or may even normalize. This in turn prevents us from developing heart, kidney and liver diseases in our later years. 

Exercise regularly to get best results.


Training model of bodies of the personHow? Use coconut oil for cooking or add to dishes such as soups, porridge, salads or take 1 to 2 tablespoon of OVCO daily
When? Take 1 tablespoon of OVCO in the morning or before meals
Where? Intake of OVCO before meals aid in increasing metabolic rate to help digest food efficiently.
Why? When food is properly digested, essential nutrients and enzymes can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Bloating, water retention or constipation are all symptoms of indigestion can be reduced or eliminated. In addition, it also prevents toxin build up in the small intestines and colon.

Immune System

Protective maskHow? Coconut oil has antimicrobial lipids, Lauric acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid.  All these acids have antifungal, antibactenerial and antiviral properties.  Our bodies convert lauric acid into monolaurin which is claimed to aid in fighting and eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as herpes, influenza and even HIV.
When? Take 1 tablespoon of OVCO in the morning or before meals.
Where?  Keeps the liver and lymphatic system strong.
Why? Our first line of defense is our stomach acid.  It can usually get rid of harmful pathogens that we may have ingested from the air or from the food we eat. Should it fail, the the liver will step in as its main function is to get rid of toxins.  Since monolaurin is absorbed directly to the liver, it acts as a booster to help our liver destroy any toxins that may sometimes survive our stomach acid.

Healing and Infections 

BandageHow? Apply coconut as an ointment.
When?  Accidental cuts, insect bites, scratches or small wounds or sore.
Where? Anyway on the skin.
Why? By applying coconut on a cut protects and keep it from dust, air, fungi bacteria and virus.  Therefore, reduces the chances of infection.

Known side effects

The following  reactions have been experienced by people who are allergic to Coconut Oil and also by those who take excessive doses.

1. Inflammation
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Diarrhea
5. Abdominal Cramps
6. Hives
English: Coconut oil in solid state
English: Coconut oil in solid state (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
7. Rash
8. Itching
9. Swelling of the lips, tongue, face and throat

There are detractors who discourage consumption of coconut oil.  The key in getting the best out of coconut oil is to use some common sense. By taking one tablespoon of OVCO daily accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise will be beneficial to our body. 

To find out what you should eat more and what to eat less, please go to: Acidic or Alkaline?

A true story

When I was staying in my mother-in-law's place just after marriage, she served us fresh coconut water as she has coconut trees growing in the backyard.  The white coconut flesh was soft, sweet, jelly like and so delicious.  I ate so much that I was too full to eat dinner. 

Come midnight, my stomach was growling so loudly, I thought I would wake up the whole household. Being a farm house, the toilet was outside and is a bucket system.  It was pitch black. With a torchlight to shine the way,  I had a fearful thought that  I would encounter snakes, flying bats, insects and creatures of the night.  As the cramps were getting stronger , I had no choice but to be brave.  

To make the story short,  I survived and vowed never to eat too much coconuts in one sitting. Unless of course if you want to detox....this could be one way of doing it.  Just make sure you have a brightly lit toilet that flushes.

My next topic of discussion which you may have guessed by now is, HOW TO DETOX SAFELY.

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Until my next post, "Here's to your health!"


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