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Group of Friends!
Group of Friends! (Photo credit: jessi.bryan)
If you have a handful of friends, read on to find out if these set of friends are the types you should have.

Friends are like the second family of our own choosing.  When you pick the right group of friends, it can drastically make your life better in many ways. 

Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook)
Me and my 542 bestest friends (on Facebook) (Photo credit: tychay)

To have many friends is a dime a dozen.  Just sent out Friend Request to every Aminah,    Devi or Ah Mei and get as many "friends" every day.  However, to have quality friends is important because the truth is,  they are there to boost your happiness.

The Listening Friend

Good listener Photocredit:

Sometimes they are also called the agony aunt or uncle.  This friend is the go to buddy whenever you have a crisis.  No matter how trivial or serious the matter is, you call this friend when you need some advice, or just someone who will listen to your woes. This friend is ever ready to lend you their ears without being judgemental and they know when to interrupt to give the advice that you need to hear and it is usually for your own good.

You feel safe that whatever problems that you confide in this friend is received with a sympathetic and willing ear.  With this friend's guidance, you will navigate the stormy waters of life, without having to sail alone in the darkness.  They are the beacons on your ship stern.  Just remember to offer the same and lend your ears from time to time.

The Sociable Friend


This person is the life of the party and a joker.  We all have met one of these people at least once or twice in our lives. If you haven't, you can track them down at social functions like birthday parties, weddings or reunions.

This person cracks jokes at the drop of a hat, very witty and never fail to cheer you up by tickling your funnybone even when you are feeling down.  Wherever you go with this friend, on a night out, for an overseas trip, or just hanging around watching TV,  you will have an enjoyable time.

This friend is where you can let down your hair, act silly and have fun but you should not go crying to him or her with your problems as it is their nature to make light of everything.  However, go with this friend if you want to put aside your worries or forget the problems in your life for a few hours or over the weekend.  They are your "de-stressers," so to speak.

Pragmatic Friend

My friend
My friend (Photo credit: Scarleth White)
This friend can be as blunt and direct that it sometimes hurt to hear the words.  You may not welcome his or her views but in the long run, those hard hitting lect
ures may actually save you from further pain along the way.  This "honesty is the best policy" friend tells you that a spade is a spade, no sugar coating it for you to hear what you want to hear.

They do it not because they are spiteful but because they are genuinely trying to help you and it  is something that you need to know.

If you are in a relationship which may be on a verge of breaking up but you are still clinging onto a sliver of hope that it can work, you should seek out this friend's advise.

Or if you are faced with a big decision about your career move. This friend will also be very helpful when it comes to your style or the lack of it.  

You could be in a sticky situation and have not idea how to handle it.  This friend will be the one to give you a solid solution.  This friend is very adept at problem solving.

Bringing them for a shopping spree can save you some money and not make all the faux pas of fashion provided that your ego can take it.

Intuitive Friend

This friend have an uncanny ability to know what you are thinking or about to say the words before you say it.  You have a spiritual connection with this friend.  They know your deepest secrets, or longings which you yourself may not be aware of.  Your other friends may think that this friend is psychic since she sometimes finishes your sentences.

You may know this friend since childhood or the moment both of you met, something click and you are chatting like you have known each other for ages.

This friend is a true friend and is the person you feel most comfortable with and you can let your guard down.  You can relax, be yourself and you know that they will never judge what you say. And of course, they will think exactly the same of you.

Inspiring and Motivating Friend

To you this friend is perfect in every way. The downside is that they want you to be just as perfect.  They can motivate and inspire you but at the same time you can also get annoyed with their over enthusiasm and pushiness.  More likely than not, this friend is a go getter and excels in their relationships as well as careers which you are lacking in one or the other or both.  Maybe they make more money, have more friends or simply that they have better values than you.

Their pushiness and pesterings may drive you up the wall, but they can also encourage you to aim higher, be better, and live a more meaningful life. Instead of feeling envious, you use their positive energy to boost yours.  A motivator should never make you feel small, but they will cheer you on to be a better person and make the most of your life.  And they do it because they know it is for your own good.

TV Sitcom "Friends"

My next topic for discussion is, "10 Great Ways to Create Happiness."

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