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Being married may not necessary bring you happiness.  For all you singles out there who intend to remain single, read on for some good news!

Get a Pet

Caring for a pet does boost your well-being.  When you have a furry friend around your home, they actually help to calm you down, relieves stress, loneliness and lowers blood pressure.
Cute Dog Puppy
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A survey conducted by a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showed that having a pet also increase your survival rate if you suffer a heart attack.  28 percent of heart patients with pets with serious heart attacks will survive in comparison to on 7 percent of heart patients who do not own pets.

Give and receive Hugs

Yes, you read it right.  Hugging will effectively lower blood pressure and the body will produce more oxytocin which is a relaxation hormones according to the University of North Carolina.  So start giving out hugs more often.

Keep in touch with family and friends

Researchers at University of Iowa found that ovarian cancer patients who have a close relationship and strong bonds to others had more white blood cells which are natural killers attacking their tumor than those who didn't connect.

In your own time

You need not report for duty or run errands for anyone except for yourself.  You can come and go anywhere and anytime you wish.  Freedom and time is on your side.   

You may sometimes feel that you have too much time, but you can have the luxury of slowly planning what you want to do with the time anyway you like.

You get to keep your money

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Or spend it any way you like.  Similar to time, you don't have to make a decision based on others needs.  So you get to order the most expensive item on the menu, sign up for a 10 course facial and spa session or take dance lessons.  Why, because you can.  You enjoy the money and you don't have to think twice about spending it the way you choose to.

Know yourself better

Some of us are still finding our real self and sometimes it takes many years to really know oneself.  Being single gives you the chance to know who you truly are.  Your likes and dislikes, how you live your life, what are your principles, what your goals are, dreams, ambitions, what makes you ,YOU.  Yoru have all the freedom to find yourself and in time will help you make a better decision about what you want in a partner.

Being single is also a very good time to learn to trust yourself.  Many young girls have issues such as self doubt and insecurities.  As a single woman, you will need to do things on your own, to take on jobs that are considered a "man's" job such as changing a tire or having to attend to house maintenance.

All these experiences are a process for you to learn how to be capable and independent.  You will never get yourself into a relationship that is based on a fear of being alone or the thought that you need to a man in your life to take care of you or to change the light bulb.

Getting to know your true Friends

Your closest friends are usually the ones that you foster friendships with when you are single and they will be there for you throughout your life.  

You plan trips and special activities with your fellow single women.  You have a rare opportunity to form a close knit group of friends whom you trust, rely and depend on.  There is no competition as the bond of sisterhood is strong.

Getting to know your Family

Married women find that having their own family is top priority and may find it difficult to make time to get to know your parents, siblings and other relatives. 

Being single opens the doors for better communication with your family members and discovering things about them along the way.  Invite your parents over for meals and watching a new play with your siblings are precious experiences that you will treasure.
The reward is you get to witness them grow as a person as well as a family.

Career choices

You have the ability to dedicate yourself to your career.  If you place importance to your work, this is your chance to move forward and achieve your goals.  Your choices are not hampered when you need to work overseas or change careers.

You get personal satisfaction from working hard and long hours are rewarded with advancements in your career or being head hunted.  You decide where you want to go and how high.

See the world

One big advantage of being single is that you can go for a short or long vacations anywhere in the world and the best thing is that you can afford to.  Travelling as a single woman has it's challenges as well as unique rewards.

If you are daring, you can go on a journey of discovery all by yourself or you can always gather a group of friends or even sign up for singles excursions.  Get on tours, cruises or experience a safari.
If you are travelling on a budget, stay in hostels rather than hotels.  Hostels are very popular in Europe and has spread to United States and all over the world.  At a hostel, you will meet like minded people who are also looking for good company and excitement.

Enjoy Arts and Theatre

Being single has an added advantage when it comes to getting a sold out performance.  You can often get the odd single seat which would not be possible if you are going as a couple.

Finding the right partner

As a single woman, you are given the opportunity to decide what you really want in a life partner.  You create a detailed checklist which may guarantee that you will never find your perfect man.

On the other hand,  when you have a reasonable list with a clear idea on certain personality traits, interest or ways of living that is acceptable to you then it will help prevent you from getting into a relationship that would otherwise fail or it can help you find the man of your dreams.

Sometimes, you may decide that marriage is simply not right for you.  There are plenty of independent, capable and normal women who choose to remain single for a lifetime.

Knowing this, you can still have single men friends who also share your philosophy.

Your life is what you make it to be

Ultimately, you are the decision maker and how you want to mold and shape your life and pursue your dreams is the biggest advantage to being a single woman.

You can go for the best as no one else is depending on the choices that you make.  Eventually, you may take the dive and get married not because you have to but because you are ready and want to.
The world is your oyster.  Society and family pressures may dictate otherwise and can undermine your confidence but only you have the power and responsibility to yourself  to live your life the way that you want.
My next topic for discussion is, 


I dream a dream, A Vivid Dream.
A young and silent moonlit night,
A couple is lying by a stream.
The man is sleeping on her right,
Why Flowers, Fruits and Butterflies?
Where does the meaning truly lies?
What message is there in this dream?
Who is the couple, beneath the beam?

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post, 

"Here's To Your Health!"
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