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All of us are lazy at one point or another.  I am lazy when it comes to ironing.  What are you lazy at? But lazy people are also smart people because they will find shortcuts. So why not find out what lazy people do when it comes to their health?  However, if you are not lazy, please do not continue reading........

Lazy Health No. 1 Do exercise while doing routine stuff

Exercise takes time and energy.  What a lazy person will do is to work their exercise into their daily routine by doing housework, using the stairs instead of the lift, or park their car three blocks away so that they can take a brisk walk to their office or walk to the shops during lunch breaks.

Lazy Health No. 2 Prepare ready meals

Eating foods that are fresh and home cooked are good for us but we don't want to spend time cooking after a long day at the office.  And you rather not eat store bought food that may not provide the necessary nutrients.

The lazy person will solve this issue by cooking healthy meals in large batches during the weekends, store them in the freezer so that for the rest of the week, you can come home, take the food out of your freezer, pop it into the microwave oven for 15 minutes on high and presto!  A ready meal every night.

Lazy Health No. 3 Get a Pet

Many research studies have found that pet owners have improved physical and mental health which includes lowered blood pressure,  being able to cope better with trauma, and has lower stress levels.

So if you want healthy results, without taking too much effort, just get a pet.  Caring for a pet may also encourage you to exercise more when you take them out for walks during which you can make new friends with other pet owners and breathe fresh air.

Lazy Health No. 4 Exercise while watching your favorite show

Everyone knows that when you become a couch potato, you will gain weight very easily.  The good news for a lazy person is that there are many ways to keep healthy and active while you are watching the idiot box.  

When a commercial comes up, do a mini workout.  From situps to skipping or a quick run up and down the stairs or just by lifting 2 heavy books for 10 counts of bicep curls and for the next commercial, 10 counts of triceps and the next and so on.

When you keep moving, even fidgeting while sitting can burn up to 350 extra calories per day. 

Lazy Health No. 5 Crossword Puzzles

If your energy level is lower that your ankle and the thought of a workout makes your knees buckle, why not work another area of your body-your brain.  

Give a "legs up" as it were to your brain cells is important for mental health and the best part is you can do that in the comfort of your favorite coach.

Researchers have found that people who regularly participate in mentally challenging activities can reduce the risk of Alzzheimer's disease.  So instead of switching on the TV after work, exercise your brain muscles by doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku or even read a book.

Lazy Health No. 7

One of the advantages of being lazy is during mealtimes.  Taking your time to chew at least 10 times for every mouthful of food you eat is actually a great way to ensure your digestive system is working properly.  It can also help you to lose weight.

By eating very slowly, and focusing on your food, you will actually enjoy and savor the taste more which not only will satisfy your hunger but it will prevent you from overeating.  It will take 20 minutes for your body to feel full.  By eating slowly, you will feel full by eating lesser.

Lazy Health No. 7 Catering

If you are too lazy to cook in bulk on weekends, opt to cater food.  Chose a caterer who can provide wholesome home cooked meals that are delivered daily to your doorsteps.

Lazy Health No. 8 Go Dancing

 Plan a night out with your friends and hit the club scene for some gyrations, twists and body shaking calorie burning fun.  Dancing is definitely more enjoyable than to exercise and it can result in you getting fit, toned and  strenghten your body.

Lazy Health No. 9 Take supplements

If you find yourself visiting the fridge every half an hour or reaching for snacks and junk food,  your body is not getting the essential nutrients to keep you healthy.  The lazy person  will stock up on nutritional supplements or "superfood."  It's no substitute for real food, but it  helps to keep your immune system from crashing while you try to bring yourself up again to eat a healthy diet.  

Try a multi-vitamin complex or a natural "superfood" such a spirulina, wheatgrass or bee pollen.  These supplements are packed with nutrients to boost your energy.

Lazy Health No. 10 Favorite Pastime

Being lazy is generally viewed to be bad for your health but when it comes to sleeping it can actually be good for you.  Research has found that sleep can help you live longer, boost your memory and reduce stress.  Getting less that five hours of sleep a night can lead to accidents, weight gain, and increased risk of heart disease.

On the other hand, it is also not good if you sleep too much but getting a regular eight hours sleep costs next to nothing and the simplest way for your body to rejuvenate and boost your health.

Hubby's recommendations on how to fidget while seated. (Only applicable to lazy people with a sense of humor.)

  • Shake your right or left foot.  Never both.
  • Do the knee jerk.
  • Develop a nervous tick or twitch.
  • Swing one leg from side to side. When you get tired, swing the other leg.
  • Slide your buttocks up and down or side to side. 
  • Tap your fingers or index finger on the arm rest.
  • Blow your nose.
  • Rub your eyes.
  • Clean your ears.
  • Scratching.
  • Clean every other orifice on your body that you can think of. (If you cannot do this while seated, please do so in the privacy of your bedroom or the bathroom.)
  • Check and count every mole on your body that is visible.
  • Crack your knuckles one by one and option to repeat.

My hubby and I are not responsible for any injuries that may occur from you following the above recommendations. 

My next topic for discussion is, "Ten Unhealthy Habits of Woman."

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Here's To Your Health!

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