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Women would generally make extra effort to workout, eat a healthy diet and look after our well being.  We may be unaware but, we may be causing harm to ourselves every day.

Women are carrying handbags that are too big and heavy or for the sake of style and fashion, wear high heels that can cause damage to our lower back, legs and feet.  Here are 10 habits that women should break.

Sky High Heels

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 A pair of high heeled shoe with 12cm stiletto heels. Category:Shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There is no denying that wearing high heels gives an air of elegance and sleekness in a women's walk and demure.  But wearing high heels for long hours has many bad side effects.  

First, your posture will be out of whack.  Secondly, poor support from the heels will increase pressure on your joints.  Over a long period,  there will be an increased risk of developing arthritis, hammer toes, back pain and tears in the tendon not to mention heel-related accidents.

Hammer-toe-picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To reduce or minimize damage, do not wear heels that exceeds 1.5 inches.  Wear insoles for extra cushioning that will help reduce the pressure on your joints.

Do you really need to carry a heavy bag?

Women tend to carry non essentials in their handbags. Just because the bag is big, women like to fill up the pockets and compartments with makeup sets, combs, journal, house keys, books, magazines, lotions, knick knacks that most likely will not see the light of day but only add on to the extra weight you will be lugging to and fro everyday from home to your office and back home again.  

If you are staying in a double storey bungalow, imagine carrying your bag that can weight between 5 to 10 lbs up and down the staircase 365 days times two every year?  In addition to your big bag, some of you may be carrying your laptop which will add another 6 lbs of weight!  Your neck, back and leg muscles will be crying for help if they have mouths to speak!

To avoid your body from getting into serious trouble, ditch that big bag. Instead why not choose a smaller bag?   Remove all non-essential items if you do not use it at least once a day.  Keep your laptop downstairs unless you need to use it upstairs.

Overnight makeup

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Eye makeup Photocredit: Wikipedia
Never ever go to sleep without going though the 3 step beauty regime that is, cleanse, tone and moisturize no matter how sleepy or tired you are  Leaving overnight dirt and oil that accumulates during the day will cause outbreak of pimples, dull skin and blemishes. 

Wearing mascara and eye makeup to sleep will only invite bacteria that will cause eye irritation, redness or worst infection.

Drinking alcohol like a fish

Women who drink like a man will get drunk faster as they have less body water to dilute the alcohol.  If you must drink, try to limit your drinks and substitute with soft drinks, fruit juices or mineral water so that your body does not suffer dehydration.

Wrong Bra Size

Strapline (Photo credit: Brett Jordan)
95% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  When you wear a bra that gives poor support, bras that aer too small or too big, it can cause a wide range of health issues such as back, neck, breast pain, difficulty in breathing, poor posture, skin redness, circulation problems, heart burn.

To find out how to find the right bra size, please read, "Are You Wearing The Wrong Bra?"

Worry Wart

If you can peer into a woman's mind when she is a awake, it will appear like a whirlpool of spinning objects ranging from food, kids, housework, office, documents, files, red flags, danger signs, blinking lights.  A kaleidoscope of epic proportions.

The thought process of a women is like a complicated wiring system.  Simultaneously moving with not particular pattern that no scientist could ever hope to decipher.  Our thoughts will flit from one contact to another but never cause a short circuit.  That is one of the mysteries of how a woman's mind works.

The only problem is that we tend to juggle too many thoughts  and we get worked up over the little details. This can sometimes lead to heightened senses which will increase our stress levels.  Feeling the urge that we could have done or said something differently is the constant source of stress too.  

Women are twice as likely as men to have regrets over lost love and broken relationships.

Obsessive Behavior

Weight and body image Photocredit: Wikipedia

Women are obsessive creatures by nature.  We have issues mainly with our body, face, or hair.  Let's face it.  Magazines dealing in beauty, fashion, lifestyles and women are all feeding our obsessions to be perfect.

And there is no denying that women lap it up.  Researchers have found that 16 per cent of the normal or underweight women studied, thinks that they are overweight.  Another study showed that  a whooping 90 per cent of women have desires to change at least one aspect of their appearance.

Being insecure about your body will not only affect your mental health, but it can also bring physical harm from following extreme diets, eating disorders and cosmetic surgery mishaps.

Binging and Bulimia

The two Bs.  When women feel sad or moody, they tend to reach for a bag of sweets or chips.  It is a coping mechanism we can all relate to.  Chocolates and a big tub of Haagen Daz ice-cream are also the main staples when it comes to unrequited love stories.  Watch Bridgette Jones Diaries. Then the guilt sets in and some women will induce vomiting.  This is signs of bulimia.  Lady Diana was said to have suffered from this malady.

Next time when you feel a craving for high calorie foods, deter it with fruits and fresh veggies or go for a walk with your pet.  Drinking plenty of water can also starve off the unwanted urges. Or call a friend to join you for a workout.

Not enough Zzzzz

Sleep deprivation causes undereye dark circles and eyebags.

More women than men do not get enough sleep.  Women usually take on the role of caregivers for their children or aging parents. Deprivation of sleep causes blood pressure to go up, overeating, mood swings and heart problems in women. 

Realizing that you will not be any good to anyone if you do not get enough rest is the first step towards taking care of your own health.  You will then begin to find ways to get the sleep you need.

Last on the priority list

Women are willing to sacrifice their own wants and needs so that others get what they want or need.  You will end up dead tired all the time due to lack of sleep, eating at irregular times, stressed out and irritable which will take a toll on your well being if you are in that state for long periods of time. 

Finding a day where you can spend a "Me" time is important to regain balance in your life.  "My mental and physical health is of utmost importance" should be your mantra.  Sometimes you have to say no and mean it.  

Pamper yourself by getting a facial or body massage.  Pedicures and manicures can do wonders to your self esteem and a good hair wash in the hair saloon will make you feel like a new woman.

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Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog. Until my next post, 

"Here's To Your Health!"

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