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Stingray Leather Bag
Alligator Leather Bag
Handbags are accessories that a full blooded woman can't live without.

And just like shoes, handbags come in numerous styles, shapes, sizes, colors, synthetic, leather, exotic animal skins, from the affordable to the exorbitantly priced.  You name it, they have got it and we must have it.  

So what exactly do I put in my handbag? A  purse to keep money, identity card and ATM cards.  A small purse for coins. My make-up pouch with lipstick, lip brush eyeliner, lip liner, mascara, concealer and lip gloss for quick touch ups.  My mobile.  Tissues, comb, hand held fan, hair grip, bag hanger, a travel size bottle of moisturizer for my hands, mini perfume spray, car keys,  pen, note pad to write my shopping and to do list. The biggest item would be my sunglasses casing. I will not be surprised if some women may be carrying more items than I. 

Can we blame the handbag designers for making bigger bags?
Men keep it simple. They only carry 3 items. A mobile phone, wallet and keys in their trouser pockets. Sometimes a hankerchief or not. My hubby does not carry a hankerchief.  After meals, he uses the tissue that I will give him.  If I were to forget, his tongue comes in handy to lick off food remnants from the side of his mouth.  Don't get me wrong but that's how some men are wired.

No matter how big the bags are, fashion conscious women will buy to keep up with the trend or fashion of the season or simply because a celebrity is photographed with it.  Some are so large, a baby or small child can fit in! We may not realize that we look like a bag lady . It does no  favors to our lumbar region by lugging a heavy bag stuffed with items while wearing a pair of stilettos rushing for a meeting or appointment!  Ladies, put your bags to the test by weighing it with all your stuff.  If it weighs more than five pounds, you are in danger of causing harm and pain to your shoulder and back muscles.  

Looking back, I cannot believe that I was giving myself needless suffering by lugging a laptop and my handbag to and from work everyday.  Coming home, I will haul the two heavy bags which, is easily more than ten pounds up the stairs to the bedroom.  In hindsight,  I should have left the labtop downstairs. No wonder I used to suffer from pain in my left arm, shoulder, neck, knees and back.  If I knew then what I know now,  I would have saved a lot of doctor's fee, ointments, creams, massages and instead use the money to buy more bags and shoes!

The Birkin Bag is made from calf leather
The Birkin handbag by Hermes was once so highly sought after by famous people that the waiting list was six years! It was the longest waiting list in the history for any bag. Be prepared to pay a five or six figure price tag and in US dollars. Crazy but true.(Ask any Birkin owner)

Tote Bag

Personally, I love tote bags and hobos that have gold embellishments. What can I say?  I love glam. They are roomy with many compartments and side zips.  The one issue I have when choosing these bags is the shoulder strap.  It is either too thick or too thin or too heavy where metal hooks and chains are concerned and tends to slide off the shoulder.   I prefer canvas, high quality PU or nylon but not leather as special care has to be taken to keep them in pristine condition. I seek affordability, functionality and style in choosing a handbag.

Hobo Bag

What issues do you have when choosing your favorite bags?

Consider the suggestions below before buying a new handbag.
  • For work, the bag must be functional, roomy, with many compartments and zips like a tote, hobo, satchel or sling.
  • For a night out, the bag can be small to medium size like a clutch or crossbody,  stylishly classic with beads or has a shine.
  • For casual wear, match your handbag with one color of your outfit. Do not wear the same color for the whole outfit and shoes as your bag. That would be an overkill. The key is to mix and match.  
  • Color blocking fashion is in trend this season. 
Tip: Maximum number of color block in one outfit should not exceed three. For example: 2 primary + 1 neutral color

Color Blocking Fashion
  • Buy colored bags that match your wardrobe and not the other way round.  To be sure you get the right tone, wear the outfit and shoes that you want to match when you shop for the bag. If it is a sexy evening gown, bring it along in your bag to match.
  • Black handbags will never go out of style and easy to match any outfits.
  • Try to change your handbags every other week . Bags need to breath and remain soft.  PU bags especially the colored ones, tend to peel, crack or harden if kept in the cupboard for long periods.
  • When not in use, wrap in dustbags or in vacuum sealed plastic. Keep away from heat especially if the bag is white or beige because it will turn a sickly yellow. I have used white and beige bags before and they end up in the bin because the color has turned.
  • Ideally, the measurement of the largest handbag should not exceed 32x35x15 cm Length/Height/Width as Asian women are not very tall. Big or slouchy handbags tend to make women look shorter or plumper than they really are.  
  • To remove pen marks or stains, hairspray will do the trick or dab a few drops of medicated oil on a piece of cotton and wipe the affected area. 
  • Keep little sacks of silica gels in the bags to prevent moisture build up or mold from forming especially in bags made of leather and animal skin.
  • Canvas and Nylon bags are durable and is also washable.
  • Bags made from leather and animal skin are expensive yet can be longer lasting with proper care and handling.
  • When buying handbags online, make sure that the seller states details such as type of material, measurement and the picture of the bag from all angles as well as the interior. I made the mistake of not finding out the exact measurement and ended up with a big bag which in person look like an overnight bag rather than a handbag as shown in this picture.
Whichever handbags that take your fancy,  there is one out there waiting for you to discover and love. Just keep in mind not to join the bag lady line.

My next topic for discussion is, " What is Color Blocking?"

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My Art Corner

Some of you may find this shocking but handbags are also made of horse leather.  

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your experiences in relation to today's topic.

Until my next post, "Here's to your health!"

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