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Besides art, I have a passion for shoes.  I would practically buy at least two pairs of shoes every month.  If I have kept all the shoes from the beginning of my shoe love affair until today,  the estimated total figure can be around 300 pairs. I kid you not. An Imelda Marcos wannabe? Perhaps....

Favorites were frequently worn until it  gets tired looking and discarded. Most of the shoes were either worn once or twice and relegated to the storeroom in boxes never to see the light of day until I spring clean. However, I make it a point to replace any worn out high heel tips every few weeks.  I cannot stand to see the exposed screw that make loud clicking noises when walking. 

Yes, I was young and vain, just a little bit.  I thought I looked elegant and graceful whenever I see my reflection in a glass window. High heels make us look taller. Our legs and feet appear longer and slimmer. For me, wearing heels is a confidence booster. 

Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to shoes. The endless designs, colors, shapes and materials are mind boggling at least for the men.  Guys,  please pay attention if you are going to buy your lady love some sexy shoes. A word of advise. Make sure you get the correct shoe size before you start shopping for one.

Lets take a look at how many types of ladies shoes are out there. 

Stiletto  - Stiletto heels are usually 4" to 7" in height. It tapers sharply just like a knife. If the lady walks or stands long enough on a pair of stilettos, she would be feeling that she is walking on knives!  Stilettos oozez sexy to the max. (A killer shoes for a sexy woman.)

English: Black Patent Leather Fetish Shoes 197...
English: Black Patent Leather Fetish Shoes 1973 - 1977 These shoes have a 7-inch stiletto heel and are a size 11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (Photo credit: AviviJ)

Kitten heel  - Similarly tapered like the stiletto, but with a lower heel which is only 1"-2" high. It is more cute than sexy.(Its casual yet chic at its best)

Heel (Photo credit: Brett L.)

shoe detail photo
shoe detail photo (Photo credit: Rooey202)

Stacked heel  - A sturdy heel, thin slices of wood are sandwiched together. Stacked boots are squared off  while tapered for high heels.  (If you are looking for stability yet look stylish, then this is what you could wear)

frip stacked heel
frip stacked heel (Photo credit: carbonated)

Platforms  - These are built-up sole. The sole at the ball of the foot is build up, followed with a high heel or just one large platform from toe to heel. If you look at what the rock band KISS wore, you'll get the idea.  Platforms for the Rockers! (Not for the faint hearted or those with Achrophobia-.A fear of heights.)

my early birthday gift to myself
 (Photo credit: © simplyAIM)

Buffalo Boots: Ankle-length boot with wedge pl...
Buffalo Boots: Ankle-length boot with wedge platform sole, made by the German company Buffalo Boots. Colour black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sandals (Photo credit: sheilaellen)
Wedge  - This type of soles begins out low under the front of the foot and gradually rises like a ramp toward the heel. It  elevates the wearer on a wedge shape instead of a distinct heel. Traditionally, wedges are flat at the ball of the foot, but there are designers who invented platform wedges.  Ladies' platform wedges are usually made of cork or jute. (Personally, this is my favorite type because it is light and feminine without looking chunky and is gentle on the back muscle)

May 2007 035
May 2007 035 (Photo credit: preservationgal)

teal-gold-heel-wedges-velvet-angels-5 (Photo credit: Maegan)

Mules - Mules are slides on that has a little heel.  They are elegant enough to be worn to dinners than the standard sandals or slipper.  It is also called "boudoir slippers"  (Suitable for  dinner  with the special someone or a night out with the gals.) 

A pair of red mules (side)
A pair of red mules (side) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SL - Purple Filigree Mules
SL - Purple Filigree Mules (Photo credit: A Digital Diva)

Fashion tip: mules are making a comeback this ...
 Shoes from Vagabond. @solestruck #ss_Maritsa301 (Photo credit: actionhero)

Slides  - To slip on and off easily, slides or slide sandals are what we call open toe and back footwear. The heel can be thick or  flat like a pair of bathroom slippers. 
( If it is with heels, it is another versatile shoe that a woman can wear for a casual outing, day right into the night.  On the other hand,  bathroom slippers should be worn exclusively to the bathroom.)

A pair of toilet slippers
A pair of toilet slippers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thongs  - Undies? Well, the answer is a yes and a no. In shoe terms, they are simply flip-flops or japanese slippers. Specifically, "thongs" are shoes with a thong connecting the sole to the upper in other words, the thong is fixed between the big toe and the second toe.  (Any way you look at it, its still  plain slippers jazzed up with flowers, shiny beads, buttons and any accessories the manufacture can think of to glue on. And it is not cheap.  A pair of slippers can cost between RM30 TO RM100! And that does not include a good pedicure.)

slipper (Photo credit: jasewong)

flip flops
flip flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cute feet in Cute Flip Flops
Cute feet in Cute Flip Flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pumps  - The most common type of high-heeled shoes we gals wear to look more confident in our high-powered careers.  Though, the lower heeled pumps can make one look stocky or frumpy when paired with a long skirt. (In the seventies, we used to call it 'Court Shoes.' A word of advise.  Make sure that the toes have wriggle room and the soles are well padded to protect from heel pain, blisters, hammer toes, calluses, bunions, corns...You get the picture.)

English: Red High Heel Pumps
English: Red High Heel Pumps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deutsch: Pumps mit Gummisohle, Blockabsatz und...
Deutsch: Pumps mit Gummisohle, Blockabsatz und Schaft aus imitiertem Kroko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Slingbacks  - Shoes with straps than runs back along the heel instead of around the ankle with an open toe and back.  It looks way sexier than the conservative pumps. You can either go high or low in the heel.(A slingback on long legs coupled with a  body to die for will guarantee to  turn any hot blooded male. )

High-Heel-Leopard-Sling-Back-Sexy-Shoes-Milano... (Photo credit: AviviJ)

Toe cleavage  - The toe compartment of a pump is cut deep enough to show the upper section of a woman's toes. There is little or no support for your toes to grip. So walk with care. (Elegance and sophistication in the highest degree.  Forget about comfort though)

Deutsch: Flamenco-Pumps
Deutsch: Flamenco-Pumps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.7'' High Heel Leopard Peep Toe Canvas Sexy Shoes
4.7'' High Heel Leopard Peep Toe Canvas Sexy Shoes (Photo credit: AviviJ)

Mary Janes - The most comfortable pair of shoes in the list. Flat, round-toed shoes with a strap across the bridge of the foot. Usually made of leather, the naughty little girls would kick stones by the roadside. However, in the world of 
fashion, Mary Janes have been redefined with stacked heels to create comfort
with style. (If you seek comfortable footwear without compromising style, then this is the shoe for you.)

Mary Janes slippers Crochet Pattern
Mary Janes slippers Crochet Pattern (Photo credit: Genevive_Too)

Chloe Mary Janes
Chloe Mary Janes (Photo credit: the cherry blossom girl)

Red Nicole Mary Janes
Red Nicole Mary Janes (Photo credit: PrincessFroglips)

Shoemakers and fashion designers are constantly creating different variations every season and some are unsuitable for daily wear.  Usually designer shoes are worn by runway models and celebrities during award night. Designer shoes do not come cheap. They can cost thousands of ringgit for a pair and "well heeled" ladies are willing to part with their money to own a pair.

I reserve wearing heels for special occasions and not for more than 2 hours at a time.  Flat strappy sandals are trendy  right now and  you can find very pretty ones online. Compliment them with well manicured toes and you are good to go. I find wedges comfortable too. The heels are weaved, made of wood, cork or leather. However, some of the wedges that are more than four inches in height are uncomfortable to wear because my foot will be forced into an unnaturally curve.  Stay within four inches and below is a safer bet.  

After all that, you should know the answer to the question, 'Can a woman have enough shoes?' 

Any woman would feel incomplete without handbags. In my next topic for discussion, lets find out, "Are handbags your Kryptonite?

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