Friday, 1 June 2012


Poor Tyson is infested with ticks.  It was so bad that his body felt lumpy and he started losing his appetite.  

The pest were mostly feeding 
on his back, ears and under belly. I suspect they came from stray dogs that come and hang around the front gate past midnight.  Like clockwork the neighbor's dogs or Tyson will be barking nonstop practically every night for the past month.

Not only do we have to disinfect Tyson but also the at the car park, on the walls, verandah, pillars and the doorways. Emerging from their hiding places to get away, some of the ticks are crawling into the house! 

The fat ones are wedged between the door frame.  The smaller ones will stick to the stair edges.  A small tick even managed to climb high up the wall.  One night, we were catching stray ticks and spraying pesticides at 2 am in the morning!  
Top-Dog tick that is engorged
Bottom-Dog tick that has not fed yet

Close-up of an engorged tick with a piece of skin from the dog still attached to its mouth

One by one, the ticks are starting to die and drop off Tyson when he scratches.  Some are still alive but die a slow death. I have to wash the porch and verandah every day since he would bite some with his  mouth leaving blood splattered all over the white tiles. I just hope he did not swallow.  Two weeks has passed and I am still squashing one or two live young ticks crawling into the house to find refuge.   

Left: Jay Jay Right :Dee Dee
Luckily, both pinschers, Dee Dee and Jay Jay were not infected as they are kept in a separate enclosure.  I am happy to report that Tyson has regained his appetite and his scratching has lessen.

What home remedies can prevent a tick attack on your pooch?

Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV)
Add one cup of ACV to three cups of water for your dog to drink.  Ticks do not like the smell of ACV. To bathe, add three to four cups of ACV in your dog's bath.
Sprinkle some brewer's yeast in your dog food may help eliminate tick problems.  You can find brewer's yeast in most natural food stores.
Add lavender to your dog's bed to repel ticks. Lavender is a natural insecticide and also has antibacterial properties.
Neem's oil is a natural insecticide, antiseptic and antibacterial.  Not only does it repels ticks, it can also repel fleas and mosquitoes.
Manual Removal
Use a tweezer to remove the tick and be careful that the mouth of the tick does not break off as it can cause skin irritation. Wipe the wound with antiseptic.

Over the counter medication
If all else fails, you can buy these products from any pet shops near you. 

My upcoming topic for discussion is, "Can A Woman Have Enough Shoes?".

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