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Everyday, we receive an onslaught of anti-aging beauty treatments that profess to turn back the clock, to magically vanish wrinkles and make you look 10 years younger.  

Selling these potion in miniscule bottles with an expensive price tag,  these anti-aging creams, serums, or gels are churned out  by giant cosmetic conglomerates sprouting the proverbial "Fountain of Youth."

The bad news is, 'THERE IS NO ANTI-AGING MIRACLE CREAM OUT THERE!  Not by a long shot.

You can certainly feel younger, dress to look younger or act as young as you wish-but the bottom line is, you are actually growing older by the nano second.  We all are.  We cannot escape the set course of aging,  put it in suspended animation or cryogenically freeze it. One thing for sure is, we cannot stop it.  

If you look closely at your "Gift of Life Contract", it has one caveat-"Grow Old." and it can be found in fine print at the very end of the binding policy. Our culture dictates otherwise and celebrate youth to forget that old age even exists.

Since we cannot run away from aging, we should embrace it and if you are lucky, someday you will be sitting in a rocking chair, all wrinkled like a dried up prune, telling stories of your life in a voice that cracks like a bad mobile reception. 

Instead of groaning and moaning about growing old and the number of candles you have to blow on your birthday cake, you should focus on the benefits of aging.  We should celebrate aging for two good reasons: 

  • We will gain increased wisdom.
  • Just being able to stay alive.

Here are 10 other reasons to love about aging

1. You are clear about your priorities

Family, Career, Spiritual or a sense of adventure and it may not be in any particular order.  

Yu have set your goals, what you want to pursue and which road in life to take that will make you happy.

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2. You have your sense of  style

As a teenager, you plunged into the awkward color mismatch and committed almost all the faux pas fashion history has ever written.  

But when you reached adulthood,  you finally know your body type and understand what works best for you.  

You suddenly became savvy, jumping from being a train wreck into a  trendy fashionista.  

3. You have knowledge and experience

Travelling around the globe, climbing the career ladder and dealing with family issues to healthy living, you have gained a wide range of life experiences that makes you well informed and knowledgeable in your daily choices and long term plans.

You have created a garden of life that you have cultivated and you are always creating new experiences to expand your collection.

4.  You know your weaknesses

Being aware of your weaker side can be made to work to your advantage.  Be it that your favorite vices are sweets, impulsive buying,  gambling, you have learned to limit your exposure to temptations and have adopted effective ways so that your willpower will not be put to the test.

5.  Your confidence is an all time high

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Recall your younger days. Because you are still searching for the real you, the confidence level could be non-existent, right?

Aging gives you wisdom and with wisdom, insightful deductions will closely follow.  

When you know your boundaries and clear about what you have to do, the sky is the limit and your confidence will soar like an eagle.  Who is going to stop you?

6. You know your body well

After years of try and errors, you are learning what works and what doesn't for your body.  It is a life-long process but every year you will discover and understand a little more what makes your body tick, what foods you can or cannot take.

7. You have mellowed like fine wine

Remember all the roller coaster of emotions that you went through during your teenage years?  Now you find that you can laugh at yourself and all that drama was small change. 

In comparison, your experience in real sticky situations and true dramas made you realize that it is not worth your time to sweat the small stuff.  Plus, you develop a sort of amnesia and forget the past.  Being able to move forward in life takes years of practice and ultimately you become a better person.

8. You are more health conscious

The young take their health for granted.  They feel invincible and strong.  As you get older, you are more in tune with your body and make a conscious effort to keep it in optimum condition. Nowadays, you treat your one and only body with more care and respect with stretching, exercises, massages or stress reducing techniques.

9. You eat healthy foods

In the past, you would not think twice about wolfing down 6 huge slices of beef and pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and wash it down with a tall glass of carbonated drink.  

Now, you are choosing healthier, natural foods than when you did when you were a young chic or chico.

10. You are not dead, yet! 

Twin flowers of Ipomoea acuminata
Twin flowers of Ipomoea acuminata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Congratulations!  Give yourself a pat on the shoulder!  Consider yourself one of the lucky ones to be granted the gift of aging. 

You may have many friends or relatives who have left this world that would give their right arm or leg in exchange for the crow's feet or laughter lines that you wear like a badge on your face.

Be proud of yourself and welcome your extreme good fortune.  

"Remember, you are never promised tomorrow.  So you can always enjoy today, no matter how old you are. "

My next topic for discussion is, "Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Days."

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We smile, we laugh, we jump for joy,
Possess true love, A child's new toy,
A job promotion, A baby boy,
A brand new home, A boyfriend, Roy,
A Ferrari car, A girlfriend, Joy,
A ring proposal, A wedding ceremony,
A song sung in exquisite harmony,
Does it sound too sappy?
Of course it doesn't. That's being Happy!

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog. I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your thoughts in relation to this topic.  

Until my next post, "Here's To Your Health!

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