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Happy sisters laughing
Cheerful siblings

"Cheerfulness and Contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of youthful looks".

Do you agree with this statement? Or do you think that we should rely on collagen supplements, botox injections, firming creams or serums to keep our youth from fading?
Here are eight non-invasive ways that you may like to know.

Laughing Dog
Laughing Dog
Not having wrinkles or showing just a few laugh lines on your face when you turn 50 is a blessing.  However, most women are never satisfied with how they look and this is an undeniable fact.

What else can you do to look younger? More so, what if you are not feeling cheerful or contented? These are eight simple beauty tricks you can follow to help you look younger. It can be a confidence booster, too.

1. Keep hair length between your chin and shoulders

To take off a few years, your side-swept bangs and hair should not grow past your shoulders.
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2. Wrong lipstick shades can add years.

  • Steer clear of brown lipstick shades as it adds years.
  • Matte lipsticks tend to seeped into your lip lines, so avoid them.
  • Try creamier lipsticks or glosses
Glosses are very youthful and make your lips appear fuller

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Sea Fleur (630) and Peach Fuzz (417)
Sea Fleur (630) and Peach Fuzz (417) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Stick to Creamy Blushes and Shadows.

Mature skin tend to be dry, so cream blushes and eye shadows are your new best friends. Powder blushes and shadows tend to get trapped in your fine lines and wrinkles, while creamier ones "plump" up your skin.

4. Make your eyes the center of attention.

My eye
My eye (Photo credit: neuroticcamel)
By defining those eyes. To make eyes look bigger, curl your lashes before applying mascara. Or you can apply mascara, let it dry and then curl your lashes. Lining your eye also help to make eyes look 10 times larger.

5. Overplucking.

Avoid pencil thin eyebrows once you hit your 30s. Be careful not to overpluck your eyebrows since brows are less likely to grow back if you excessively pluck.

6. Teeth Whitening.

Red lips
Pearly Whites
If you must drink more than two cups of coffee or tea a day, your teeth may become yellow. You can prevent yellow teeth by using over the counter whitening toothpaste.

7. Watch your posture.

Stand up straight and confident. Not only will it make you look ten pounds lighter, it will make you look at least five years younger as well. Observe all the sexy women you know and you'll get the idea.

8. Sleep.

Our body repairs and rejuvenates when we sleep. If we do not get enough sleep, our eyes will become red and puffy, skin will look shallow and dull plus our face will sag.

So what do you do to stay looking young? What are your thoughts on sheep or human placenta and vitamin C injections? Would you go for it? My sister-in-law cheeks were covered with pigmentation when she turned 47. Recently, she came for a visit and her complexion has become clear and fair. Her skin has also firmed up. Not only that, her whole body has become very fair, too. She said she was taking placenta and vitamin C injections for the past 2 months. The set of 10 bottles cost RM1500 and to get the jab, the doctor's fee is RM10 per visit.

Would you consider taking these injections to keep looking young or just follow the 8 tips that I have just given? Let's have a discussion, shall we?

My next topic for discussion is, "Are you wearing the wrong bra?".

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Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my blog. I welcome any feedback and sharing in relation to today's topic.

Until my next post, "Here's To Your Health!".

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