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When women reach a certain age, changing their hair style is vital to stay fresh and stylish. Are you still keeping the same hair cut that you had when you were a teenager or when you were in your twenties?

For example, keeping our hair as black as possible to hide the growing number of greys or still keeping it very long below the waist line will only bring attention to thinning hair,  facial wrinkles, eye bags and sagging skin. The aim  is to look vibrant, not aged.

Take a look at some of the actresses who are already above 50. (To view, please click on the slideshow link on the right sidebar of this page.) With the right makeup, hair style and color, they slook very stylish and fabulous, don't they? So, do you agree that there is no reason for you and me to look frumpy when both of us are in our fifties?

Christie Brinkley long-running contract with C...
Christie Brinkley long-running contract with CoverGirl is the longest ever of any model in history. "Christie Brinkley to Receive HBA's Positively Beautiful Award" . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In your 50s? Lighten Up....just a little bit

You can kiss your bleached-blonde hair goodbye. Softer yet bright shades are the way to go. Get full coverage by choosing a permanent color and get more consistency with your shade.

Try L'Oreal Professional INOA-Innovation No Ammonia Color.

Let It Shine!

As we get older, our hair begin to lose its natural shine and may feel coarse.  Make it a point to include a hair mask treatment in your hair routine to lock in the moisture to get sleek and shiny locks. Usually such treatment can last for 3 months.

Don't think for one second that when you touch 50, your hairstyle options are limited. Far from it. Remember how your grandmother's hair used to look like? All tightly curled and short as well as jet black! Stunners such as Helen Mirren and Christie Brinkley who are both well over 50 show us that the grand-mama look is dead and gone.

Here are five gorgeous hairstyles you can try 

Pixie Hairstyle
This hairstyle seems to look great on just about any age. The updated pixie is layered and works very well with a person's natural hair texture and color. This means that it works well with grey hair. Jamie Lee is 53 and rocking this style beautifully, in all her grey crown of glory.



Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 which makes her 53 years old.

If you like no fuss, short and sassy, this is the look for you.

The Short Bob

A hairstyle that looks great with hair gently framing the face. Finish the look by keeping a long, side swept bang. 
Tip: Take it a couple inches shorter in the back, leaving the front longer. Your profile will get an instant life as the shape pull the eyes upward and away from the face.

Helen Mirren, and English actress ,Oscar winner was given the title of Dame by Prince Charles. She is 66 year old and yet very gorgeous looking. Copy her hairstyle for a glamorous and yet understated look.
Curly Lob
It's another fancy word for long bob. This look is not only suitable for straight hair, it is soft and sexy on curly hair. If you are not born with naturally bouncy curls, you can roller set your hair to create this look. Try steering clear of large spiral curls as they may make you look like you are trying too hard to look younger.

Susan Sarandon is 65 and has beautiful shoulder length soft curly tresses. If you are looking for a feminine and bouncy style, copy her hairstyle.
The long layered
Have been keeping your hair long since young? Well, you can jazz it up by adding a few long layers that creates softness and gentle movement. For an elegant look, wear your long hair with a side parting and gentle waves.

Julianne Moore is a British-American actress who is 51 year old. Her layered long hair has just a hint of wave at the hair tips making her look graceful and chic.
Play up the Highlights
If your hair is medium length to long, get shorter layers as it has a lot more movement and body to it. This cut will look best when hair is parted to the side and falls in waves. To add depth to your waves and layers, have highlights and low-lights strategically places around your face. In this way, it helps to create a soft frame for your face that soften any harsh lines and adds warmth to your skin tone.

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christie Brinkley, an American model and actress is 58. Her hair is very layered and highlights work their magic to give her a glow every time she steps in front of the cameras. So, take it from Christie. Get started and highlight your hair for the glow.
All these women are fabulous because they have put thought, effort and work on their looks. More so, that they are all above 50. Great hair is attainable at any age. 
So, what are you waiting for? Update your hairstyle with a new look!

Here is a slideshow of celebrities and their hairstyles which you can copy.

For more details, click on the celebrity picture in the slide show.

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