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On such a glamorous night as the Emmys, there will always be celebrities who did not get it right on the red carpet.  Here are some of them who really need some help in the style department.  What do you think?

Phoebe Price

Too much frills and the satin white reminds me of weddings.

Kimberly & James Van Der Beek

The creamy yellow color is too light for Mrs. Kimberly Van Der Beek and it makes her skin look pale.  The organza skirt is too flouncy and floppy which only make her look frumpy.

Glenn Close

One word, "Matronly." Glen Close is a beautiful and sexy woman. 
The black somber color does her no justice.

Zozia Mamet

Another 'Aunty' look from the cast of Mad Men. 
The hairdo just ages her and she is only 24 going on 40!

Amanda Peet

I have trouble liking the pastel pink color 
and I do love pink but this dress does nothing for 
Amanda Peet's svelte body and lovely light blue eyes. 
The fit leaves much to be desired as she has a 
well toned body for a woman of 40.

Mayim Bialik

This gown has too much pleats that made her waistline look wider.
and the color is passe plus this singer is only 36 but looking 45!

Elizabeth Moss

Floral designs can make one look old fashioned and this gown did just that for this talented actress. The 50s fashion in the TV series Mad Men must have rubbed off on Elizabeth a little too much.

Julia Ormond

It has the "Grand Dame" look written all over this outfit.  
It would be less "dowager like" if she had chosen a brighter color 
and a more relaxed hairdo.

Archie Panjabi

This looks like a dress you will wear to the prom.  
And the color blue seems out of place in the 
sea of spring and summer tones.

Lena Dunham

Way too much lace and the cut is too plain and the color is boring.

Ashley Judd

This is one of the over the top outfits plus hairstyles of the night.  
The big bow tied at Ashley Judd's neck was a distraction rather than an accessory.

Kristen Wiig

Wearing a dress that can double as a nighty 
for the Emmys is committing a faux pas.  
The nude color and cut is all wrong for Kristen Wiig  
plus the hair lacks shine and 
the curls just fall limp over her shoulders.

Lena  Headey

Lena Headey has to choose a gown that does not accentuate her slim body.  If you have it, flaunt it.

Emilia Clarke

This dress says that she can't make up her mind to wear a short dress or a long gown.  
So wear both.  Not a good idea.

January Jones
Her structured dress is beautiful but her pulled back hairdo spoiled the whole look.
It is too severe and do no justice to her gorgeous face.

And the winner of the worst dressed celebrity goes to:

Kristen Wiig

Ashley Judd comes in a close 2nd with her beehive hairdo.

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Which celebrity  is your worst dressed?


Celebrity tries
but misses.
Fashion police cries,
Spitting, hisses.

No style, bland color.
I won't pay even a dollar.
Hair dos are "hair don't"
What they wear, I won't.

Copyright Philo Yan October 2, 2012

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Thanks for looking and until my next post, "5 Beauty Do's,"

Here's To Your Health!

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