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142) 5 BEAUTY DO'S

If you view yourself as a beauty forward person, the secret to staying ahead of the pack is to consistently placing a beautifully manicured finger on the pulsating vibe of beauty, catching the trend before it has the chance to roll out on the makeup artist's brush.

You would not want to be at the tail end of a beauty trend strutting your eyeshadow that is so last season or you have been so out of it that your taste would be labelled outdated or even worst last decade!

Trendsetter aside, for those who prefer the truly enduring classics and playing it cool and collected, here are some rules to achieve a timeless style and beauty.

Number One Beauty Do

Do away with beehive hairdos, stiff as a cardboard, anti-flyaway hair styles, sprayed to death locks or having so much hairpins in your hair that if you stand near magnets, your hair will stand on it 's ends!

Amy Winehouse is known for
her beehive hairdo. Photo credit:Wikipedia

Soft natural hair makes you look fresh, young and lighter.  If you curl your hair, finger comb instead of using a hot iron which is drying.

Jennifer Lopes with long and soft curly style
Photo credit: Getty Image

Buns should be loosely tied at the nape of the neck and gently pulled at to get that messy look.

Loose bun Photo credit:Wikipedia

For a formal look, emphasize more on your eyes and leave your hair free, loose and sexy.
Hair sprayed and fancy hairstyles will only make you look matronly or dowdy.

Stiff hairstyle of the 50s
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Number Two Beauty Do

Contrast the colors of eyes and mouth.  Put emphasis on your eyes or your mouth, never both or you will qualify to join a circus.  

Simple natural looking makeup.
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Team a nude lip color and smokey eyes or go the opposite way. Red lips and light mascara eyes and face powder only.

Smokey Eyes Photo credit: Wikipedia

Number 3 Beauty Do

Never step out of the house without your sunscreen or sunblock on.  When you make it a habit to apply sunscreen early in your life, your skin will thank you when you get older and have less lines or aging spots.

Sunscreens (Photo credit: Jessica Wilzig)

If you are the bare minimum type of gal and don't fancy having to put so many layers of products on your face, opt for a tinted moisturizer that has at least an SPF15.  

If you are pale looking, brush on a bronzer for that healthy glow.  And it does not smell like fake tanners.

Number 4 Beauty Do

Perfumes Photo credit: Wikipedia

Adopt a layering method for your fragrances and lipsticks and create a signature blend.
How do you do it?

  • With your favorite scent, layer a new one atop it. Trial and error several versions until you find the perfect blend that you love.
  • Begin with citrus notes, layered with floral, woodsy or amber-y fragrances.

The same method can be applied to layering lipsticks. With the choices of shades, mattes and glosses, you can create your own lip color that is unique to you. 

Elizabeth Taylor popularized red lipstick
Photo credit:Wikipidea

Keep the lip colors that you don't like, mix and blend it with other lip colors that you have.  Experiment a little to find the shade you find most pleasing for your skin tone.  Get opinions from your friends to confirm the color choice.

Number 5 Beauty Do

Make it a routine to moisturize your skin after showering as unmoisturized skin tend to be dry and will itch.  If you do not attend to the dryness, it may cause scabs, which may leave scars or unsightly marks that are slow to heal.  

Body scrub and loofah brush
Photo credit:Wikipedia

Before bedtime, when you shower, use a  body scrub and loofah brush or gloves to exfoliate your whole body thoroughly to remove dead skin.  After rinsing and drying off, slather on the moisturizer to lock the moisture in leaving your skin baby soft and silky smooth as well as a refreshing fragrance that will linger throughout the night.

My next topic for discussion is, "5 Beauty Don't."

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A family pet, she became.
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In the jungles of Vietnam.
Tragic story ends,
Now in loving hands.

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