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Sometimes you may not be aware that you have committed a beauty don't until you read about it in a fashion magazine, watched  a show about hair or makeup.  

The question is, will you take their advise, admit to it or ignore it just because?

I do believe that style is never learned but is acquired.  Detractors may argue that anything can be learned, including a sense of style.  

Style is an innate ability to adopt a certain way of presenting yourself.   It is a signature that is unique to you which everyone can copy but no one can carry it the way that only you can.  

These are 5 beauty don't you should know or that you know you should not have committed.

Number One Beauty Don't

The bright whites or French manicures on fake nails will make your fingers look tacky.  A French mani looks best when the colors are as natural as possible.  Put your best pinkies forward by opting for light pink colors.

Men especially,  prefer women's nails to be short and rounded.  
  • Stay away from long talons because it will freak them.  
  • If you are single, that could be a deciding factor for a potential suitor. 
  • If you prefer a non-showy shade, go for a light pearl pink polish.  
  • If you are adventurous, a dark polish gives out an uber-trendy vibe and the look will last for all seasons. Just remember to apply and undercoat to protect your nail bed from getting yellow.
  • Nail art should be kept to the minimum. A dainty flower painted on your big toe is keeping it sweet.
  • Skip French pedicures as it looks odd on toes. It is more suited for your fingers.

An example of a French Manicure, acrylic nails...

Number Two Beauty Don't

Demi Moore at 61st Annual Academy Awards, 1989...
Demi Moore "Vampish" look. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When foundation is applied correctly, it can give you a flawless, glowing, smooth skin but, many trip wires can be triggered when using foundation such as:

  • Telltale jawlines
  • Masked appearance
  • Shade or tone is too dark
  • Raccoon eyes
1) If you want to achieve a classy but fresh face, confine the foundation use only to certain areas and they are usually your cheeks, nose and the skin around the eyes. 

2) Blending well is important and always bear in mind the different shades for winter and  summer.

Typically, for those of you who are living overseas, your skin will be lighter during the cold months and darker during the hot seasons. 

"Vampish" face in summer or a "Tan gone wrong" in winter.  err.....Get the picture?

Well, my skin tone became a shade darker after travelling to Singapore regularly for about a year.  

I had to change my BB cream from light to a medium shade as the color difference was obvious.  My arms would look much darker than my face if I had continued using the same light BB cream shade!

Number Three Beauty Don't

Scaly, flaky dry skin is not an appealing sight.  When your skin becomes dry, what do you do?  Pile on the moisturizer, right?  

For moisturizer to work even better,  exfoliate and remove the dead skin first.  Slathering the lotion on very dry skin will just be feeding the dead...I mean, dead skin. 

To get that fresh, glowing complexion, do a weekly facial scrub. Don't forget to include your lips in the scrubbing routine too.

Next,  exfoliate your whole body with a body scrub when you shower. Use a scrubbing glove or loofah. It also promotes blood circulation besides helping to soften your skin.  

For your feet soles and especially cracked heels, use a pumice stone to scrub away trapped dirt to keeping it clean and soft.

Number Four Beauty Don't

Long hair that goes right up to your hips is "hip and happening" when you are young.  But when you are pushing 40s, 50s and beyond, it is more "hips" than happening.  

9 long-hair-for-sale
 (Photo credit:

So, unless you  are Demi Moore "have some more to give" kind of gal, OR still under the blooming age of 21, forget the long and go for the short shoulder length hair.

The reality is that very long hair can pull your face down and it is bad enough that aging and gravity is helping, too.  Letting hair grow below your breast has "tackiness" written all over it. 

Some 40s something long haired women and men may be jumping right about now, shaking their fist and saying that the statement is prejudicial....

Ladies and gents, do keep the long hair if it makes you happy.

English: Male long hair in Western culture. To...
 Male long hair  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Very long braid.
 Have long hair will swish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Number Five Beauty Don't

Some women would not be caught dead with falsies.  Now, before you pooh pooh the idea of wearing false eyelashes, consider this:

  • Celebrities with put on falsies to get that eye popping glam look.  
  • False eyelashes makes their eye color stand out beautifully.
  • Falsies make small eyes look bigger.
  • Falsies are staple beauty tools to flutter any ardent fans' hearts.
If you want to look and feel glamorous, falsies can help get you on the beauty track.

False Eyelashes. Photo credit:Wikipedia

There are may varieties of false eyelashes you can try but if you do not want to look as if 2 sets of caterpillars are taking a ride on your eyes, try the individual lashes which are more natural looking.

My next topic for discussion is, "5 Fingernail Faux Pas."

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Two tweety birds,
hangout on a branch.
Two tweety birds,
waiting for their lunch.

Their time is spent
tweeting, preening in a bunch.
A ritual, a noise event.
Birds gather  not in a 'bunch.'

They stay together in a 'flock.'
I wrote 'bunch' 
to rhyme with lunch.
So there, you have it in a blog!

Birds of a feather, flock together.
Sing melodious tunes.
Birds of a feather, in any weather,
Tweet in timely tunes.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  

Until my next post,

Here's To Your Health!

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