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We sometime ignore what the makeup and hairstylists know as the truth.   Heavy makeup makes you look older. Some of the hottest actresses of our time can look 10 years older than they are all because of bad hair and makeup.

Demi Moore at 61st Annual Academy Awards, 1989...
Demi Moore at 61st Annual Academy Awards, 1989. Cropped from the photo by Alan Light. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, the opposite is also true when they have the right hair and light touch of makeup. older actresses appear ageless. This are some of the tips how to look younger.

Back in 1989, Demi Moore had bright white skin, her lips were too red, untamed brows and her eye makeup was garish. Demi is one of those rare actresses who looks better as she gets older, as seen on the next picture.

Do's and Don'ts

Don't put on too much powder, super-white skin and eyeliner.

Do make eyes light with sheer lips and a tan.

21 years later, Demi is seen her looking ageless. She could easily pass for a 33 something year old when she is actually 48.

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.
English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although, she has strongly denied having any plastic surgery done on her face, in May 2010, she admitted to having plastic surgey done on her body, but not her face. My guess is that Demi has definitely had injections instead of going under the knife. A good guess is that she had fillers along the sides of her face and Botox, because when she smiles, her face appear to have very few lines. She is extremely thin, and yet her square-shaped face remains vibrant and full.  Definitely, her face and body does not match.

Be careful if you choose to follow Demi's footsteps, because we have heard of horror stories and seen bad cosmetic jobs. If you do decide to opt for fillers and Botox, please choose a board certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. To do a face life, it is definitely prudent to do some research first to find a qualified surgeon.

When Demi was asked by a fashion magazine what will she do as she inevitably ages? Her reply was, quote,"You know what? Maybe one day I'll go under the knife. It just irritates me that people are constantly saying how much I've spent on plastic surgery." Unquote.

Demi Moore at Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Party
Demi Moore at Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to get this look without surgery or jabs?  Opt for sheer tinted moisturize instead of heavy foundations and powders, which will settle into fin lines and wrinkles. Brush dewy pink blushes on the pples of cheeks and swipe a little bronzer across the forehead, nose and cheeks and areas where the sun naturally hits. Creamy formulas are better than powders, because creams can 'plump up' the skin making it appear smooth.

Photo scredit: Rob Loud/Getty Image

Make a guess which of these photos are the most recent of Demi Moore?

Less is More

Actress, Jessica Biel has been admired for her toned body and become popular due to the fact she was dating Justin Timberlake but she has also made a fashion faux pas in the past by putting on too much foundation and red lipstick. At the time of writing this, it is rumored that she has secretly married Justin Timberlake in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Red lips will never go out of style, but never ever pair them with strong eye makeup.  Keep the rest of your features light if you want to wear red on your lips.

Thick eye makeup will also age you.  Reserve heavy eyeshadows for clubbing or if you are performing onstage, then by all means go for it.

Be careful using shimmer. According to former model, Lauren Hutton, shimmer can act like "airport runway lights, illuminating every line, wrinkle and pore." 

The right outfit
Choose an outfit that compliments your makeup.  For example, if you want to wear a dark lipstick, they should be the center of attention. Keep the rest of your outfit, simple and classic with minimum jewelry.

Picture of Jessica Biel - Cropped from origina...
Picture of Jessica Biel - Cropped from original image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In these 2 photos,  Jessica Biel only plays up her lips.  It is a soft and natural look and it makes her look years younger. Her hair has highlights and a lighter color which can also take off years from your look.  This coloring is called "Bronde."

Head Gear
Jennifer Lopez looks 20 years older in this photo. The head wrap and heavy makeup simply ages her.  A better look would be to have a sleek chignon.

7 years later, JLo is still all made up but this time her look is fresh and dewy   Her hair is long and flowing as well as lighter which makes her look younger.

Tip: The older you get, the lighter the makeup should be. Go for dewy and not cakey.

Angelie Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world.  With her bee stung lips and huge eyes as well as Brad Pitt at her side helps too.  Even though up dos are flattering, it can also make her look older.

Too matronly, don't you thing?
Photo credit: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in May, 2011
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A famous French Actress once said that the secret to looking young as an older woman is to be in love.  Well, having an older man by your side can be a factor to looking younger too since Brad Pitt is 10 years her senior.  Here, 3 years later, Angelina Jolie is still with an updo, and yet she looks glowing and happier.  Her secret could simply be her megawatt smile.  When she smiles, she looks gorgeous, open and happy.

She keeps her lip color to the minimum with a hint of gloss so that it does not compete with her beautiful and luminous eyes.

Vanessa Williams Photo credit: Planet Vanessa fansite

This hairstyle sure does age Vanessa Williams by at least 10 years!  Keeping it short can be flattering and trendy for women of all ages, but some cuts can also be aging.  Let your hair grow just below the chin can add years to your face.

Vanessa Williams at age 45 Photo credit: Evan Agostini/Getty Images for CFDA

Vanessa Williams knows that her best feature is her blue eyes.  She can get away with lining her whole eye which usually will make your eyes appear even smaller because she is using a colored liner which makes her eyes look bigger instead.

The length of her hair in this photo actually suits her and makes her look a lot younger than her previous short do.

Florence Welch, November 2010
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Can you make a guess how old Florence Welch, the lead singer of  Florence and the Machine is?  Does she look fortyish here?  Well you will be surprised that she is actually born in 1986 and is only 24 in this picture!

What made her look so much older than her real age?  It is very obvious that her hair color and matronly clothing have a lot to do with making her look so old.  For her to look her age or younger, she should change her hair color to a softer tone and get some blush on her pale skin. 

And she should smile more because smiling makes one look young, too.

Florence Welch, November 2010
Photocredit: Jason kempin/Getty Image

This is another picture of Florence Welch.  Her face has some color except that she still looks 40.  The strong hair color and outdated bangs as well as the horrendous necklace are not helping one bit.

Natalie Portman at age 23
Photocredit: Jason kempin/Getty Image

Natalie Portman at age 24
Photocredit: Jason kempin/Getty Image

Natalie Portman at age ??
Photocredit: Jason kempin/Getty Image

Look at the 3 pictures of Natalie Portman. In the first picture, she looks frumpy for a 23 year old.  She will not get points for frizzy hair and no makeup if she wants to look young.  She is by no means a pretty girl who just needed some help in the styling and beauty department.

In the second picture, Natalie Portman is sporting a shorter hair which is starting to grow out.  Pairing it with a dress that Laura Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie could have worn,  only add years when she is only 24.

Now take a look at the third picture. Here Natalie Portman looks youthful with long tresses and smokey yes.  She has highlights in her hair which looks just perfect.  Guess how old is she?  Well, she's a ripe old age of 36 but looking like a young 26.

My next topic for discussion is, "How To Improve Your Health The Lazy Way."

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