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I have seen women wearing shadows that are too bright,  too thick,  too dark or tri-colored because they did not blend it in.  I have to say that it can really look awful.  To avoid such faux pas, read on.

Eyeshadow is one makeup item that you have to be very careful with.  Done right, your eyes will be the center of attention and attraction.  Done wrong, you will look clownish,  garish or worst, you could be mistaken for a streetwalker.  Harsh but true.

unfortunately you can't see the vibrant green ...
Shades of Pink, Blue and Violet Smokey Eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here you will learn to 'look beyond the shadow of the eye."

Shadow Secret: Blending

lasplash eyeshadow base, 2 shades of coastal s...
Shades of Blue Green and Gold Smokey Eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An eyeshadow usually have 3 colors. The base which is usually a very light taupe, a highlighter for the crease and the primary color for the lid. 

How to apply so that they merge into each other?

1.  Start with the base color and gradually go darker.

2. Brush the entire eye up to the brow bone.

3. Then apply the lid color(primary color)

4. Lastly apply the highlighter which is the darkest color. 

Tip: Blend with your pinky finger or a shadow brush.

Contrast Colors Secret

Makeup used: Eyelid base: Make Up For Ever Cra...
Blue and Yellow Contrast Eyeshadows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Blue shadows on dark eyes makes it pop. 

Eg. Deep jeweled blue shadow on deep brown eyes or golden gold on blue eyes.

2. Blue shadow on blue eyes would actually bring out the color of your eyes.

Deep Color Secret
Dramatic Smokey Eyes(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1. Unless you are a model doing a cover shoot for Female magazine, never apply deep color to your browbone.

2. Instead apply shadow up to the brow bone but not ON the bone unless it is a neutral color.

Highlighter Secret

Add highlighter a little at a time to the outer edges of the eye until you get the desired darkness.  Blend only at the outer side and avoid  pushing the highlighter color to the inner side of the eye. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again. 

  • Never apply highlighter to your inner eye as it will only make your eyes smaller.  Unless if you have bug eyes, then applying the inner corners will reduce the size.
  • Before the actual day, experiment with the colors. Like and artist, practice makes perfect.

Base Secret

For the eyeshadow to stay longer on your lids throughout the day, use a good eye primer which is a hot item right now.  Primers will set the eyeshadow and not fade away when you sweat or if your face starts to get oily. 

Tip: The true test to a good eye primer is to wear it with your eyeshadow while busting your ass at the gym.

Shimmer Secret

If you have heavy lids, lines and wrinkles, this look may not be for you.  But if you say, "Who cares!" please proceed to read this secret.

Shimmer not only will glam up your eyes, it makes your eyes pop.  Create a nude lid but apply a bit of gold shimmer to the brow bone and you are set to go. The best part of using shimmer is there is no blending required.

Smokey Secret

A great way to make your eyes extra sexy is the smokey look but keep it only on the lid.
Line just under the lower lashline.  Do not go overboard and extend color above the crease.

Eye shadow
Eye shadow (Photo credit: xlordashx)


Invest in an expensive eyeshadow palette will be worth every penny as the colors will stay on your eyes all day long. 

The range of colors is wider and richer.  

A cheap palette will slide off by lunchtime. 

Shop and compare prices at cosmetic counters in department store.  Just be cautious not to be pulled in to buy products you don't really need. 

(Read also: "What you need to know before you visit a cosmetic counter")

The Red Secret

Thou shall not play up the lips and the mouth.  This is rule no. 101 from the Book of Beauty Rules which I am in the process of writing. So don't rush to the bookstore anytime soon.

The rule says,

"Red lips gives you the DDV( Diva Drama Vibe.) 
Cover unsightly blue lines on eyelids with a concealer or shadow primer and keep eyeshadow light."

White Secret

Use a dot of white shadow or pencil on the inner corners of your eye near the tear duct.  

This secret will make your eyes appear fresh and bright even though you slept late last night.  

The white test: Take a before and after picture of yourself and you will see what I mean.

The Secret of Colors

Taupe and Lavender goes with all eye colors. Consider mixing shades especially if you have bought a color that you find is too bright for you.  

Mix an electric blue with taupe will tone down the brightness into the most perfect eye color.

Here are some videos you can watch and learn how to apply eyeshadows from

My next topic for discussion is, "How to perfectly apply concealer."


A secret now revealed,
Mystery Lady, her face unveiled.
Standing in the dark shadow,

Lovely lilac eye shadow,

A pair of luminous blue eyes,
Is now truly undisguised.

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in relation to this topic.

Until my next post, "Here's To Your Health!"

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