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Zoeva 20 concealer
Zoeva 20 concealer (Photo credit: Verónica Bautista)

What is a concealer and what is the purpose?  
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Concealers covers up blemishes, unsightly red spots, pigmentation and freckles. 
Many beauty editors use concealer and skip the foundation completely.  

Yet most women shy away from using concealers because they do not know how to get the right shade or apply it correctly.

The Secret

Various types of cosmetic concealer.
Various types of cosmetic concealer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
To properly apply concealer, you need to get the right shade which when blended will give you a flawless skin.  

For a natural look, work in by first applying a thin layer and gradually built the layers up for more coverage.

Here is how:

Step One

CONCEALER (Photo credit: felgeel)
Dot the concealer under the eye, use the pad of your middle finger to tap and blend it in. Never rub.  

Tap in the concealer on other uneven areas including the chin, around the nose and mouth if necessary.

Step Two

Use a fluffy brush to lightly dust loose powder over your face to set your makeup.  

Bear in mind that you should always choose a good concealer. So do not scrimp.  Also, branded concealers have more shades to choose from. If you are out in the sun most of the time, look for a darker shade.  If you stay indoors or am fair skinned, pick a lighter shade.

Try out the shades at cosmetic counters in department stores. Just be sure not to get pulled in by the salesperson. Please read topic number 53 below for more details.

Check out this video.

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