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If you are diagnosed of having arthritis, the bad news is that there is no known cure but the good news is that you can reduce the inflammation by knowing what type of foods to avoid.

Arthritis is caused by the breakdown of cartilage in one or more joints. The purpose of the cartilage is to protects the joints, facilitates smooth movement and acts as a shock absorber when pressure is placed on the joint. If the cartilage breaks down, the bones will rub together and causes swelling, pain inflammation,  stiffness and limited movement. 

There are many forms of arthritis.  These include rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and reactive arthritis. The key element in the treating arthritis is to consume a healthy diet and avoiding inflammation-causing foods.

Types of food to avoid if you have Arthritis


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  • red meat, 
  • pork, 
  • cold cuts,
  •  frankfurters, 
  • sausage,
  • canned meat and s
  • some types of shellfish.  

Due to the high saturated fat and cholesterol consuming these foods, especially in excess, will make you gain weight, have elevated cholesterol levels and increased inflammation throughout the body. 

Substitute with 
  • lean meat, 
  • chicken, 
  • oily fish such as salmon, trout, herring, mackerel or tuna.

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Avoid the following dairy products.
  • milk, 
  • sour cream, 
  • cheese, 
  • ice cream and non-dairy creamers which are also high in saturated fat.  

Instead choose low-fat or non-fat options such as

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Low-Fat Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Smoothie
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  • skim milk, 
  • low-fat yogurt,
  •  low-fat frozen yogurt and 
  • reduced fat cheeses. 

Better choices are 

  • rice milk, 
  • nut milks, 
  • soy yogurt, 
  • cashew cream or sorbet if dairy is a problem.  

Generally,  animal products will trigger inflammation of the joints. If your arthritis is acute, you may want to consider changing to a vegetarian diet.


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There are 3 types of fats you should avoid taking and they are 
  • omega-6 polyunsaturated fats, 
  • trans fats and 
  • saturated fats.  
This means reducing your intake of butter, vegetable shortening, margarine, hydrogenated oils and all products which contain them. 

Saturated fats
Saturated fats (Photo credit: Snazzo)

Examples of omega-6 polyunsaturated fats  to avoid are
  • Sunflower, 
  • corn, 
  • coconut, 
  • palm kernel and 
  • safflower oils

Better options are 
  • cold pressed olive,
  • canola, sesame, 
  • flax seed, 
  • walnut and pumpkin oils 
These types of fats will not result in increased inflammation.


Sugars and processed carbohydrates can rapidly increase your blood sugar as they are high on the glycemic index.  These foods also can inhibit calcium, (which is crucial for cartilage formation), and it can increase serum inflammatory markers. 

Simple sugars include
  • potatoes, 
  • white flour, 
  • white rice, 
  • snack foods and 
  • processed snack foods such as pretzels and chips. 
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Processed foods containing white or brown sugar, honey, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and chocolate are also poor choices that may result in weight gain and inflammation. 

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Consuming grains that contain gluten such as wheat, corn, oats, barley or rye may result in painful arthritic flare ups as well.  Instead try millet or buckwheat.

Night Shade Vegetables

Some plants, shrubs and herbs contain a substance called alkaloids, which can negatively impact the human body. 

Vegetables belonging to the night shade family include 

  • tomatoes, 
  • potatoes, 
  • eggplant, 
  • peppers, 
  • cayenne, 
  • paprika, 
  • chili and pimento. 
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Avoid eating rhubarb, cranberries, spinach, Swiss chard and plums which are high in oxalic acid, and it also inhibits calcium absorption.

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Night shade vegetables can affect the nerve, muscle, digestive and joint function. 


Besides food, what you choose to drink can also trigger flare ups and joint pain. 

You should not drink caffeinated and carbonated beverages which are very harmful as they deplete your calcium level.  The drinks to avoid are

  • alcohol, 
  • tea, 
  • coffee, 
  • cocoa, 
  • soft drinks and 
  • sugar sweetened beverages. 

Warm water is the best choice as our body need it for a variety of functions including joint lubrication and protection.

My next topic for discussion is, "5 Foods That Are Thought To Be Good But Are Not."

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