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Rose hips are a particularly rich source of vi...
Rose hips are a particularly rich source of vitamin C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vitamin C is a naturally occuring nutrient. It can prevent colds and flu, rebuild tissue, bones and blood vessels as well as boosts the body's ability to synthesize calcium and other minerals.  Therefore, we have a very good reason to want to eat more of vitamin C food on a daily basis. 

Studies are now confirming that Vitamin C is very important for boosting brain function, heal injuries and recover from illness. Vitamin C is a potent anti oxidant that can neutralize free radicals.  A lack of vitamin in your diet may cause health problems over time. The Food & Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends that women require a daily vitamin C intake of 75 mg while men need 90 mg.

Supercharge your body with the following foods that are full of essential Vitamin C.

Acerola Cherries

Cherry Macro
Cherry Macro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cherries are small red fruits that holds about 65 times the amount of vitamin C compared to an orange.  This means that by popping a single raw cherry into your mouth would provide all the recommended amounts of vitamin C your body needs.


The deep dark purple hue is a clear indication that blackcurrants are very good source in Vitamin C. Blackcurrants possess around 180 mg per serving. Not only that, it has plenty of potassium, iron, vitamin B and phytochemicals. It is best taken raw.

Redcurrant and blackcurrant
Redcurrant and Blackcurrant Photo credit: StockFreeImage.com


A small glass of grapefruit juice can give you up to 70 mg of vitamin C.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Water melon
Water melon (Photo credit: jetalone)
A variety of melons have vitamin C. Take one cup of cantelope and you will get approximately 67 mg of vitamin C. Beside that, Melons have plenty of vitamin A and potassium.  ou

One serving of watemelon provides you with 112% daily value.

Cantelope Photo credit:Wikipedia

Amalaki Fruit(Indian Gooseberries)

Amalaki fruit and tree. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

An exotic fruit from India, this highly packed superfood is a very important medicines in Ayurvedic pharmacopeia.  The fruit is dried and used for its health-boosting properties.  It is believed to hold the most concentrated levels of Vitamin C and is valued for thousands of years for its immune enhancing properties.

Amalaki Fruits Photo credit: Wikipedia


Beautiful Red Tomatoes are Healthy
Beautiful Red Tomatoes are Healthy (Photo credit: epSos.de)
The common red tomatoes also contain vitamin C. Sun-dried tomatoes are particularly concentrate in this essential nutrient.  One service size of 100 gm has over 100 mg of Vitamin C. This is equivalent to 170% of our daily intake needs.

English: Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes
English: Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you know which are the superfoods that contain Vitamin C and what are the daily values, al you need to do is to start eating them regularly. Supplements are to be considered a temporary alternative especially if you are experiencing deficiencies due to illness, allergies or injuries.  

Once you have fully regain your health, switch to natural foods. When it is all said and done, taking natural foods are always the best for maintaining a healthy body. 

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