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Smiley from the sMirC-series. snoring
Smiley from the sMirC-series. snoring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost everyone will snore one time or another.  Here are the reasons.

I snore when I am very tired.  But if you find that you snore frequently, it can not only affect the quality of your sleep but also that of  your family members especially if you are a loud snorer!

Fatigue, irritability, and health problems will surface if you are constantly snoring and if you are sharing the bed with your significant, it can also put a strain on your relationship as your snoring will keep them awake most nights.  Sleeping in a separate room is one solution to this problem but there are many other equally effective ways you can try to stop snoring.

Why do we snore?

Not all snores are the same as the cause for snoring may be different. 
Français : Schéma expliquant l'obstruction de ...
This drawing shows how the air passage is blocked by the soft  tissues(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you can identify what is making you snore, you can then take the appropriate action and get a deeper and quieter sleep.

Usually, people who snore often have too much throat and nasal tissue, or "floppy" tissue that will vibrate.  

The way that your tongue is positioned while you sleep can also hamper smooth breathing.

Where does the sound come from?

When you fall asleep, your tongue and surrounding muscles and tissue in your mouth and throat will relax. When that happens, the soft tissue will collapse narrowing the airways and partially block the air flowing through your nose and mouth.

Sometimes it can also be due to dropping your chin to your chest which is a poor sleeping position.  To avoid this, sleep with more pillow support to your neck.

The usual suspects


If you are middle aged and beyond, your throat actually becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat will also decrease.

How you are built

English: Cleft lip, unilateral complete. See c...

Cleft lip, unilateral complete. See cleft lip and palate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Men naturally have narrower air passages than women.  That is why they tend to snore more. 

Hereditary conditions such as a cleft palate, enlarged adenoids, and other physical attributes may also contribute to snoring.

Sinus or Nasal problem

Excess fluid in the nasal cavity causes blockage and difficulty in breathing.  This condition is commonly known as sinus or sinusitis.  

When you breath through your throat, it creates a vacuum that will lead to snoring.


Overweight people tend to have more fatty tissue and poor muscle tone in the throat area which will cause them to snore.

Medications, Smoking and Alcohol

Increased muscle relaxation from medication, smoking and alcohol will result in snoring.

Sleeping position Sleeping on your back can cause the flesh of your throat to relax and disrupt the air flow.

How to know it is just snoring and not sleep apnea?

Normal snoring does not disrupt the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea on the other hand, is a potentially life-threatening condition that needs medical attention because the sufferer will stop breathing or shallow breathe between 10 to 20 seconds and his brain has to keep waking him up in order to start breathing normally again.  This condition can happen up to hundreds of times a night.

If left untreated, some of the side effects of sleep deprivation is fatigue, slower reflexes, poor concentration and a higher risk of accidents.  It can also develop into serious health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke and weight gain.
The good news is that sleep apnea is treatable.
My next topic for discussion is, "7 Natural Ways To Stop Snoring."

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