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Love ? I love love love you.
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When a person is in love, they feel a special high.  That is why 'walking on air' aptly describes anyone who has fallen in love.  Now how does being in love have health benefits?  To know more, read on.

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Finding someone you love and who loves you in return makes you want to spend every moment with them.  

Buying present such as chocolates, going for lavish meals or staying up late together are unhealthy aspects to love.  

However, if you are in the verge of a breakup or feel smothered by it, here are some reminders why love can do a whole lot of  good for your health.

Love reduces risk of alcohol abuse

Research has shown that you are less likely to drink too much when you are in a relationship even though you could be spending a tidy sum weekly for wine during those cosy nights with your loved one.

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Only 4 per cent of people who are in a two and four year relationship are alcoholics while 3 per cent of those who had been in a relationship for more than five years reported abusing alcohol.

In comparison, 12 per cent of the participants who were not in love and in their 30's misuses alcohol while 13.5 per cent of people who were not in love for more that two years consume too much alcohol.

Love will keep you young

Love & Sex
Love & Sex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The difference with being in love and making love is the former will age you while the latter will keep you young!  

The fact that a study conducted by researchers at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland found that those women who have sex four or more times a week look 10 years younger than their actual age.

For one thing, the loving couples take care of their bodies more and they also benefit from the physical and emotional effects of sex.  

So consider reaching for the baby oil instead of your anti-aging cream which is way less expensive.

Love - Good for women, not so good for men?

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...
Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Married men are stereotypes as grumpy and beaten-down and there is some truth to this perception.  

Based on the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, they found that women report a higher quality of life when in a relationship, while their husbands or partners report having a significantly lower quality of life.  

However, although it is possible that relationships fulfill the needs of women more than men, compared to single people, those in a relationship are still happier overall.

In a separate study 40 per cent of married couples said they were happy, compared to only 25 per cent of single people.

Love improves our mental health

It would seem that men and women who are in a relationship get lots of mental health benefits besides the physical benefits.  

A research that was conducted by a New Zealand team at the University of Otago examined 1000 people found that people who had been in a relationship for longer than five years were less likely to be depressed and attempt suicide.

English: Love Book - The Top 50 Most Trusted E...
 Love Book - The Top 50 Most Trusted Experts Reveal Their Secrets for Relationship Success (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other studies have also found similar findings, stating that married people report lower levels of depression and distress.  Apparently, married men are also half as likely to commit suicide as single men, and one third as likely as divorced men.

Perhaps the phrase, "you're driving me crazy" should no longer be used in reference to your partner?

Love let us live longer

Love (Photo credit: praram)

When you are in a love relationship, you get to celebrate more birthdays.

The mortality rates for single males aged between 30 and 59 are 2.5 times higher than their non-single counterparts!  As for the single women, they face a 23 per cent higher mortality rate than those who are married.

According to researchers, the difference in longevity is due to the fact that most single people have poorer health benefits,  a lower income and are socially isolated.

Being supported and connected to others is an essential part of keeping healthy.

This may sound grim for the singles but there is always two sides to a coin.  Read "Good news for the single women."

Love heals the heart

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Coincidence or not, love is always depicted with a heart shape.

A recent study by the University of Rochester in New York found that those in a happy relationship are 3 times more likely to survive heart surgery.

Several researchers have also reported that a good marriage can be as beneficial to the heart as quitting smoking, staying at a healthy weight and reducing high blood pressure.  The found that being in love and expressing your emotions had a positive impace on cholesterol.

My next topic for discussion is, "Should You Wear High Heels?"

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Have a cup of puppy,

Puppy in a cup.

Brown and slightly sugary,

Puppy in a cup.

Warm, soft and cuddly,

Puppy in a cup.

Don't drink the puppy, silly,

Just pick the puppy up!

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post,

"Here's To Your Health!"


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