Saturday, 16 June 2012


Did you know that the Sea Otter lives in the water twenty-four seven?  They even give birth in the water. Amazing but true.

For a change, today I would like to share this poem that I wrote about the Sea Otter. My inspiration came when I was drawing it.

A Sea Otter named Sue

The Sea Otter, Her name is Sue,
Hunting freely in the ocean blue.
Octopus, Squids, Sea Urchins and Fish,
Cockles, Clams, Crabs and Shellfish.
Smashing with a rock on her furry chest,
Reveals a meal so tasty, Oh! it is the best.

Floating on her back, posture of serene reposes,
She eats, She plays, She sleeps, She dozes.
She mates and gives birth in the sea waters,
On her back, her baby she trains and nurtures.

A Sea Otter named Sue

Anchoring herself in giant seaweed or a forest of kelp,
In the swirling sea, alas, she is in dire need of help.
Only 2000 remained, have the 20th Century distinction,
To be hunted to a point of near extinction,
Her precious fur, Her priced possession,
By human hunters and for one explanation.

Her survival is now protected by law,
200000 strong today, there is only one flaw,
Greed driven hunting,
Unscrupulous poaching,
Still rear its ugly head,
Can it be stopped, dead?

Sole Copyright: Philo Yan

My next topic for discussion is, "Is  Seaweed a Health Food?".

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your poems if you like poetry in relation to today's topic.


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