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Anger is an emotion that can destroy. Have you ever felt anger so strong that you want to punch something or someone? Or do you keep the anger bottled up and numb yourself  to avoid the emotion? Or do you find an outlet to dissipate all the negative energy building inside of you? Another word is 'Venting.'

What is 'Venting'

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings
English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Venting means to "Discharge" or "Expel".

Lets put it in an analogy. I use a pressure cooker to boil soup.  I will only be able to open the cover by turning the valve to release the steam and pressure. If I continue to let the pressure increase, it will eventually explode because all the liquid would have dried out. 

Similarly, if we do not vent when we are angry, the tension will grow from the inside to a point that it becomes too painful and unbearable.  We will explode and do or say something that we will regret.

That is how the phrase, "To Let Off Steam" was coined.

Coping Mechanism

When under stress, our endocrine system will release stress hormones.  One of these hormones, Cortisol is believed to affect our metabolic system. Norepinephrine is also another stress hormone that will affect our blood pressure and changes our mood to become depressed. The most common reaction to stress especially for women is to eat. For men, they may turn to alcohol, or smoking to relax their tensions. These ways are detrimental to the health if it is taken excessively.

Negative Way To Release Tension

It is important to find a healthy way to vent so that any anxieties or stressful feelings would go away or be reduced. For those who adopt an unhealthy way of venting often use food or alcoholic drinks or smoking as a stress reliever. They feel comforted when indulging in these activities to forget their worries for a few minutes.  When the activity stops, all the tension begins to creep in and it feels stronger, causing them to continue eating, drinking and smoking even more just to feel better again.  However, excessive eating, drinking alcohol  or smoking are unhealthy to relieve stress and therefore have an opposite effect.  It is known to cause many ailments and diseases in our bodies such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart, Kidney and Lung problems as well as the dreaded Cancer.


Positive Way To Release Tension

When gripped in the throes of anger, our brains will not be able to think with clarity. Therefore, by counting to 10 or even 100 will help to subside or keep the volatility in check. It is vital that we do not let the emotion take over because we will overreact to the situation and regret our actions later.  By then, the damage would have been done. And that is why some people will not be on talking terms for years. More often that not it is over a misunderstanding or words spoken in anger. People can sometimes be unforgiving, stubborn or too proud to admit they made a mistake. A lifetime of needless heartache and pain will follow and this can also lead to diseases. 

By calming our nerves and relaxing slowly, we will regain control of our thoughts. Be aware of our surroundings and what we are feeling at that moment can help to diffuse a potential bomb from exploding .

Here are some ways to vent healthily

When you are deeply hurt or feel sad, crying will make you feel better.  Allow a space to cry, frees the pent up energy inside of you.
2. Punching
When you have a strong desire to hit something in anger, use a pillow.  Hit the pillow and visualize punching the source of your anger. Yell and cuss if you have to because, it will release the tension even more. Cuss words are effective in opening up the stored up energy and root out the negative emotions. As you hit and punch out the frustration, feel exactly what aspects of it are making you angry.

3. Writing

Writing down your feelings in words is a good way to clear your head and gather your thoughts. Expressing anger on paper is safe and effective in bring you back to your center and by reflecting what you have written will make you realize the real reason for being angry and learn from it.  Keep the note in your diary or in your PC for future references.  Or tear it into pieces as a symbolic gesture that you have translated your anger on paper and now letting it go.  If you wish to vent in public, do so on online communities such as Asshat!to rant out your frustrations and provide the opportunity for anonymous feedback if you desire.

4. Exercise
On the days you feel frustrated is the best time to go to the gym. Or just go for a brisk walking, jogging with your friend or loved one.  Not only that you get to exercise, at the same time you are spending quality time with the people you care about.

5. Talk to someone
I read this story when I was researching this topic.

A nurse who rode the bus every day found a way to stay remarkably young-looking by letting go of anger immediately. She did not direct it at her family or others. Instead, she got on the bus and waited for a passenger to sit near. She'd ask if they minded listening to her and if not, she'd share her dilemma. Once she'd talked it out, she'd thank them and get off the bus. 

Most of the time, we can learn much just by talking about what was bugging us. We are not asking for feedback. We just want someone to listen. Talk to someone you trust or a person who has a wisdom in the ways of living. You will feel better or may find a solution to your problem.

6. Creating Art
English: Angry cat
English: Angry cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Art is organic. When you draw what you see with feeling, your energy will translate to the painting or sketch. So if you feel anger which is one of the strongest feeling known to man, channel that energy onto canvas.  

Draw an angry cat. You might be surprise at the results. 

When I am upset with something like the traffic,(don't we all) I will usually expel these words from my mouth in quick successions, "sh*t!  idi*t!  d*mn it!" or just repeat one of the words 3 times. If the anger is towards someone, my initial reaction would be to first take a deep breath, reflect for 
Angry Talk (Comic Style)
Angry Talk (Comic Style) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
a moment what was said and then ask the person what they meant in a calm voice.

The one time that I gave in to anger was to bang the table hard, raised my voice and glare at the person to the extent that I  was strangling them, well at least in my mind, that is.  After calming down and reconciling my emotions, the only reminder of my loss of control is to have a very sore hand.

So how do you vent?  Why not let me know and  we can have a discussion.

My next topic for discussion is .....A Surprise!

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