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A tongue-in-the cheek look at reasons why people do not or should not blog based on a survey done by an E-Learning development firm.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not or Would Not Blog

  • The likelihood of all the learning professionals jumping on the blogging wagon is akin to your ancestors all wrote a novel when the printing press was created or wrote a television script when the TV was first introduced.(
  • People who live in the US do not know how to write.(Does not mean illiterate just that they are poor in writing)
  • You are scared.
  • You do not have your priorities straight, so you do not have the time to read blogs nor have any inclination to write one.(almost everyone in the survey said this)
  • Because bloggers are narcissists and only interested in establishing a Cult of Personality-and you are so not that way. 
  • Because you will mess up blogging just like you messed up using PowerPoint. Poorly implemented and/or designed learning tools are an embarrassment to the field.(So don't even try.)
  • Because no one will really want to read what you have to say.(Ouch!)
  • Because "I know some people that would get nothing out of blogging"
  • Because "my 9 and 11 year old sons have a deeper understanding of the tools" than you do.
Do you agree or disagree or felt offended with these findings?  If you are not a blogger, perhaps you can share your reasons and we can start a new list that is 'less harsh.'

Lets have a discussion, shall we?


Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my blog. I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in relation to this topic. 

Until my next post, "Here's To Your Health!

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