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These black-legged ticks, Ixodes scapularis, a...
A Tick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Not the boxer but my mutt, Tyson.

A few months back, Tyson had a nasty encounter with not one but 2 battalion of ticks.  They invaded his body, sucking his blood like tiny vampires with 8 legs to a point that he lost his appetite. He was scratching like mad 24/7. 

Well, you can read the sordid details in "My pet pooch is under tick attack!"

Since the last writing, he had a second attack.  This time, the ticks were different.  Pin head small and rounder, they were stuck to my porch ceiling easily by the thousands.  I suspect that those pesky birds flew them in on their feathers maybe after hanging around some cows. 

Last week, my hubby decided to take the drastic measure to shave off Tyson's fur.  After much coaxing and tempting him with dog biscuits, he calmed down for the cut.  It took a solid 3 hours to get the deed done....Both master and mutt had to take several breaks.  The master,  to stretch his legs as he had to squat the whole time or straddle his charge to keep him from struggling. The break also gave Tyson a breather to collect his nerves that no doubt has dropped to the floor along with his mane. And anyway, the trimmer was getting too hot.

After that, Tyson was shampooed and given a good scrub. He bounded up and down the steps like a dog that was finally free and lighter.  He does look like a lion cub minus his sandy brown hairs.  I was afraid that he would end up looking like a scrawny cat but to my surprise, he looked younger and quite handsome because beneath all those rag tag hairs,  he has a muscular torso. He sure does look like he had a makeover and for the better! I'll have to stop calling him 'old man.'

Since we can't control the ticks from attacking again, we had to put a tick collar on Tyson and bathe him with a solution that is so poisonous, one small cap has to be mixed with 2 liters of water.  It can also be sprayed onto the grassy areas to keep the ticks away.

Needless to say, it was all well worth it as Tyson looks happier and so good looking.

Pre-Ticks Tyson

The New Tyson Post-Ticks

 Turns out that Tyson is a muscular dude!

Until my next post,  Here's To You and Your Pet's Health!"

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