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Kindness (Photo credit: -RejiK)
The moment you feel pressured, what do you do? 

Do you tense up your neck, shoulder and jaw muscles until you can sometimes feel pain which gradually numbs your face, your neck or your lower back?

Well, try to remember to do these simple exercise when the next time you get frazzled or anxious.  Clench your fists tightly for 5 seconds.  Open them and you will feel relaxed almost instantly.

How does fist clenching  works?

The reason is this.  When a muscle tenses up to the maximum, it becomes able to de-tense completely.  It is akin to pressing an unseen reset button in your body.

By doing this simple exercise regularly, you will be able to sense when your muscle tenses up and you will immediately learn to relax them.

Chew a gum

Dr Mark Liponis, MD, author of UltraLongevity: The Seven Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You said that the action of chewing a gum is rhythmic and repetitive. 

By doing so, it triggers our body's natural relaxation response, therefore slowing down our heart rate, breathing and brain activities.

Studies show that chewing a stick of peppermint can give you an extra pep. Choose the sugarless gums to avoid unnecessary intake of sugar.

Look for Blue

Keep your face to the sunshine!
Keep your face to the sunshine! (Photo credit: Abdulsalam Haykal)
As in the color Blue. According to Dr Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of 101 Exercises for the Soul, you can calm yourself in an instant just by looking at something that is blue.   

Gaze at the skies or stare at the turquoise background on your computer screen.  Blue  reminds us of the ocean and the sky.  So we automatically relate it with calm or serene emotions whenever we are close to nature.

Sing your heart out!

American Idol
American Idol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had a tough day at the office?  Grab a microphone and crank up your Karaoke set. Temporary escape from the harsh realities and pretend that you are the finalist on American idol and belt it out.  

Singing, with a melody or off key, whichever the case may be,  can slash the body's level of stress hormones, according researchers at Frankfurt University in Germany.  "When we sing, we're breathing deeply," explains Lois Levy, author of Undress Your Stress: 30 Curiously Fun Ways to Take Off Tension. "And this lowers the body's blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing stress."

Act of Kindness

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 20:  Volunteers wit...
  Volunteers at a party for orphans(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Be kind to others. The act of kindness produces a rush of feel-good chemicals in the brain, therefore creating what is known as a "helper's high," 

The surge of feel good endorphine hormones, will boost our mood, distracts us from worldly problems which are giving us stress.

Grow a Green Finger

Green fingers
Green fingers (Photo credit: XPeria2Day)
Well, if you don't have a green finger, drop by at your neighborhood nursery and buy a pot of flowering plant or just green leafy plants and place it in your home or office. 

Adding green can keep the stress away, say experts at Kansas State University.  Their study have shown that, women who have plants in their work place had less anxiety. 

The reason is that plants capture our attention, gives us a breather from the negative feelings that will lead to being stressed, says Dr Eunhee Kim, Ph.D., lead researcher in the study.

My next topic for discussion is, "Eat these foods to keep you young."

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The roar of a Lion,
The rolling sound of thunder,
The chase of a Lion,
His prey runs asunder.
The Lion's roar is his symbol,
Of Strength, Of Leadership, Of pride,
The raw Roar sound is tribal,
His pride, so true, abide.

Thank you for looking and taking the time to read my blog.  I welcome feedback and please feel free to share your thoughts or experience in relation to this topic.

Until my next post, Here's To Your Health!

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