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Is your daily routine affecting your health and not in a good way?

Seriously folks. 

Do you drive with your car windows down,  over exert during exercise or forget to floss your teeth every night?  These seemingly harmless activities or lack of it can have more serious consequences than you may think.  Just by making a few simple adjustments to your daily routine could potentially save your life.   

Here are 10 of the most common health mistakes that everyone makes:

Health mistake 1: Driving with the windows down

Cruising on the highway with the wind in your hair on a cool day can be quite a pleasant change from being all cooped up breathing in dry air from the car air-conditioning that would make your skin even drier.   However, spare a thought for your lungs as you are breathing in the harmful pollutants emitting by passing vehicles.

A study from the University of Southern California has found that if you spend a minimum of six per cent of your day driving in the car with the windows down exposes you to about 45 per cent of the pollutants that you encounter in 24 hours – Wow! that’s a lot of pollutants to come into contact with in such a short period of time. 

In cities, driving with the windows down poses an even greater risk to your health. 

Before you start your journey, let some fresh air into your car by opening all the doors or wind down the windows for a while.  Keep your car windows wind up when you hit the high traffic areas in the cities.  Save having the wind blowing through your hair for a leisure drive through the countryside or along the coastal roads.

Health mistake 2: Carrying a heavy handbag

It is a fact. Handbags are getting bigger and heavier.

English: Handbags, unidentified material, FW20...
English: Handbags, unidentified material, FW2010 Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women as well as men who use these huge bags tend to keep a lot of things in it.  They end up lugging a load that can be as heavy as 10 pounds everyday!

Hands up for those of you who keep the following items in your handbags or bags?

  • Makeup
  • Baby wipes
  • Handphone or Handphones(Some of you have more than one)
  • Purse/Coin purse
  • Keys
  • Camera
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Journal
  • Stationeries
  • Wallet
  • The faulty headphones you were meaning to get fixed?
Do you realize that you can do away with some of these stuffs which you don't really need at any moments notice.  Keep the essentials only.   Imagine this. You are  carrying a sack of potatoes all day long and over time, this can cause disc degeneration, back spasms, neck strains, arthritis, and bad posture.  Non essentials should be kept at home or in your car boot.  

Ladies, if you really must carry a heavy bag,  forsake the 5 inch heels and opt for a pair of comfortable flats or ballerina shoes instead.  Moreover, flats are very trendy now and the designs are very stylish.  You can always change into your heels when you are in your office.

Clear out your handbags and manbags.  Consider exchanging them for a smaller bag.

Health mistake 3: Spending too long exercising

We all agree that exercise is good for your body.  However,  strenuous exercise can have a reverse effect.  Working your body too vigorously can cause abnormal hormonal changes which in turn can trigger weight gain, a weakened immune system, muscle tears, shin, knee, foot, or back problems and joint injuries.
Don't expect to have the stamina and energy of a twenty something when you are already 50.  Gradually increase your exercise routine and take sufficient breaks to rest. By doing so,  it allows your muscles to recover.  It may take a longer time but you will see better results.

Health mistake 4: Sleeping less than 6 to 8 hours a day

Some of you may complain that twenty-four hours is not sufficient for you to complete your work.  So you burn the midnight oil, in your efforts to deliver the task at hand.  Every time you light the candle, you stay up a little longer until you find that you have lighted the candle on both ends as you only have a couple of hours to sleep before you have to wake up again to go to work.

Scientific research has shown that our skin will look dull and we will have dark circles or bags around our eyes when we had little sleep, but droopy eyelids and pasty skin are the least of our worries when it comes to our habit of not sleeping enough.  No matter how healthy you are, how much you exercise, or how much you weigh, getting too little shut-eye can seriously affect your health. 

Scientists studied 5,600 people of a healthy weight and size for three years and found those who skipped sleep have four times their risk of stroke and heart disease. Stick to a  specific time to go to bed every night. 

Health mistake 5: Avoiding the scales

Do you have a weighing scale in your bedroom or bathroom?  Or is it taking residence in the storeroom shelve collection dust? By avoiding going on the scales at all is a sign of denial.  In your mind, ignorance is bliss.

Brushing aside the fact that you have to loosen your belt another two more holes or that your pants are starting to roll down at the waistline whenever you sit down is dangerous.  Everyone's weight will naturally fluctuate plus or minus a few pounds but if your extra weight shoots up to more than five pounds, it is an indication that you are overeating.

When you check your weight on a regular basis, you will be more aware and take action to stop the weight gain from escalating into a health problem – losing the odd few pounds is much easier than trying to shed a stone.

Health mistake 6: You have a habit of worrying

Frowing face due to worry Photo credit:Wikipedia

Being overly concern with daily chores, your work schedules, or minor set backs can get you down in the dumps.  Whilst stress can be positive in helping to keep you alert and avoid danger, too much of it can be detrimental to your health.   Your stress level may sky rocket to the moon with constant worrying thoughts.  Eventually this will  lead to distress which causes headaches, high blood pressure, an upset stomach, chest pain, and sleep deprivation.  

Whilst it’s natural to worry when you have a deadline to meet, panicking too much about petty things needs to be managed. When you know that you are starting to worry, pause and take a deep breath.  Then ask yourself  these 3 simple questions and answer them as honestly as you can. 

  • Will you still be worrying about this in a couple of week’s time? 
  • Can this problem be easily resolved? 
  • If you can’t let it go, tackle the problem head on until it is resolved. 
When you worry, your facial expression will pull into a frown.  When you frown too often, it can develop into wrinkles to form around your forehead, eyes and mouth area.

If you can learn how to take control of your worrying, not only will you lead a happier, healthier lifestyle, you will have less wrinkles!

Medication Photo credit: Wikipedia
Health mistake 7: Stopping medicines suddenly

Most of us have committed this health mistake.  When you feel better after a bout of illness, you discontinue taking the medication.  Shortly after that, you suddenly begin to feel a whole lot worse.  Going off your medicine on your own can have health risks depending on the type of medication you are on.  The side effects can range from mild, to moderate, or serious.
When you suddenly cease taking your medicine, it can cause mild headaches, rapid return of the illness that you were being treated for, and sometimes seizures, to name only a few may occur.  It would be prudent to continue taking the medicine.  Consult the doctor for more information on whether you should or should not stop taking the medicine altogether.

Health mistake 8: Not flossing or brushing teeth after meals or before going to bed
Healthy teeth Photo credit: Wikipedia

After eating, and to prevent food particles from getting stuck in between our teeth,  flossing is necessary for oral hygiene.  However, many would skip because you don't feel much difference if you don't floss.  Over time, plaque build up, or cavities may form.  Plaque can turn serious if the bacteria finds its way into our blood stream.  This can cause chronic inflammation and increase the risk of heart diseases, stroke, cancers, and premature birth.

Not only that, there is a possibility of tooth decay or gum diseases whereby you will end up loosing all your teeth.  Dentists recommend that you floss at least once a day to prevent plaque from settling in your teeth.

Flossing and brushing your teeth is important in maintaining a health set of teeth that will stay intact for many years to come.

Health mistake 9: Skipping the first meal of the day-Breakfast

Breakfast Photo credit:Wikipedia

Not eating breakfast is like driving your car with a very low fuel.  You will feel fine at the begining but will slow down due to depleted energy.

You will not only feel less active and lethargic but when you skip breakfast whether it is due to dieting or you just can't spare the time, it is linked to risks of developing diabetes and can also cause weight gain because your body will store up more fat as fuel to sustain your body for the rest of the day.

So, breakfast is the most important meal of the day to make you feel happier, more functional and, most of all, healthy.

Health mistake 10:  

Drinking water from the warm tap and warm plastic bottles

Tap water Photo credit:Wikipedia
Don't drink water from the warm tap but scientists suggest that drinking water from the warm tap could cause lead poisoning. 

Nor should you drink bottled water that was kept in the car under the hot sun.  Chemical changes may occur with the plastic bottle when it is exposed to the heat of the sun.  Therefore, it is not advisable to drink warm bottled  water.

Bottled water Photo credit: Wikipedia

Lead can enter some water systems – normally homes that were built before 1930 – from corroded plumbing work, but drinking high levels of it can have potential health risks, particularly in children where it can lead to brain damage. 

Although scientists emphasise that the risks of lead poisoning are small,  it’s recommended that you use the cold tap for preparing baby formula, drinking, and cooking.

My next topic for discussion is, "What Are Thongs & The Side Effects."

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