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The English language has many words that come with dual meanings or even more to describe something.  Take for example, the thong.  What exactly is a thong?

The definition of the thong is:

  1. A narrow strip, as of leather, used for binding or lashing.
  2. A whip of plaited leather or cord.
  3. A sandal held on the foot by a strip that fits between the first and second toes and is connected to a strap usually passing over the top or around the sides of the foot.
  4. A garment for the lower body that exposes the buttocks, consisting of a narrow strip of fabric that passes between the thighs supported by a waistband.

For today's health topic, we are going to look at thong description number four.

Brief history of the Thong(pun intended)

The following groups have worn thongs or loincloths as part of their clothing for ease of movement or even as sleepwear.

  • Cavemen 

Caveman Photocredit:Wikipedia

  • Tarzan

Tarzan Photo credit:Wikipedia

  • African tribes.  

African Tribesman

  • Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egypt clothing. Photo credit: Wikipedia

  • Ancient Romans

Ancient Roman female underwear. Photo credit: Wikipedia

  • Yogi practitioners

  • Sumo Wrestlers
Sumo Wrestlers Photo credit: Wikipedia

Thongs were made popular in South America and worn as a swimwear particularly in Brazil.
In the 1990s, this style of swimwear caught on in America and women especially would be seen wearing them.  At that time, thongs were favored on the beaches to limit tan lines as well as to increase exhibitionism.  Brazilians call their thongs 'dental floss' and Tangas.

Bikini-girl Silvia (cropped)
Tangas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Types of thongs 

The loincloth has since evolved to Tangas, Sambas, G-Strings and Thongs.  It has also been adapted to become lingerie and underwear for women and men.

Tangas – Tangas and thongs are similar in coverage and design. A tanga panty, however, provides a bit more coverage in the front and back, while still eliminating the dreaded panty line.

  • Sambas – Sambas fall between the tanga and the thong as far as coverage goes, but still offer a no-panty-line look for the clinging fabrics of today.

  • G-Strings – A G-string provides the least amount of coverage in the front as well as the back, with less than a quarter inch of fabric making up the back strap. 

  • Thongs - The thong, on the other hand, provides coverage that is similar to a bikini in the front, but narrows to a single strap in the back that could be as narrow as a quarter of an inch. The thong strap fits snugly between the buttocks for minimum coverage on the behind and virtually no panty line to worry about.

English: Sunrise, Florida, USA Deutsch: Junge ...
Bikini Thong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Me wearing a thong swimsuit.
Man wearing a thong swimsuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

String thongs
T-backUnderwear – string back
G-stringUnderwear – triangle back
V-stringUnderwear – V back
C-stringUnderwear – C back
Diagram credit: Wikipedia

I just bought it. What do you think about C-st...
 C-string (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do women like to wear thongs?

In the US, the top two reasons why thongs are so popular are:
  • There is no panty lines.
  • It is provocative and sexy.
    English: V-string styled thong swimwear. Deuts...
    V-string styled thong swimwear. String tanga  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The side effects of wearing a thong

Women, especially young women may feel sexy when they wear thongs but there is a downside which many may not be aware of.

1) Small lacerations that can get infected.
2) Urinary tract infection.
3) Vaginosis: a vaginal discharge of any color; fishy odor; itching; swelling of the vagina; stomach cramps.
4) Can Cause Sterility.
5) There's not enough air or space around the vaginal area which causes a strong fishy odor.
6) A cyst can develop next to the vagina from the constant rubbing.

The female body is not designed to have a string running across and connecting the anus with the genital area.   Friction caused by the movement of the string back and forth between these two areas can introduce B. Streptococcal disease and e.coli  to the open vaginal area and can cause an infection.  

Not only that, if you do not clean yourself sufficiently after a bowel movement, your feces and anus oils will  absorbed into the string and you run the risk of smelling like "ass" all day. 
Wouldn't it be embarrassing if others should get a whiff of the offensive smell?  Are you willing to sacrifice your hygiene and health to look sexy and have no panty lines?  

You can be sexy in other ways without having to dress provocatively.  Moreover, it is definitely not sexy if you expose your butt crack to the world with the thong hanging out when you bend over in your low rider jeans.

English: Visible red thong Français : String r...
 Visible red thong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By ignoring the symptoms, you will be exposing yourself into getting a pelvic inflammatory disease or a kidney infection.  Seek immediate medical attention and consider changing to a  full panty that covers the front and back for cleaner, dryer and healthier vaginal health. 
Sources: American academy of gynecology

My next topic for discussion is, "10 Top Sleep Mistakes People Make."

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